Channeling – Minecraft Enchantment

Channeling is an enchantment for the trident that produces lightning.

Channeling Minecraft enchantment
Channeling Minecraft

What is the purpose of the Channeling enchantment

Channeling summons a bolt of lightning when a creature is struck by a trident, only works if there is a thunderstorm.

For the enchantment to work, creatures must be exposed to open sky. This enchantment allows the player to turn creepers into charged creepers, villagers into witches, and pigs into zombified piglins

In Java Edition, Channeling does not affect creatures under certain circumstances. A creature cannot be affected by the enchantment if it is: in water, in lava, in a spider’s web, on the soul sand, on a block of honey, on snow (if the snow layer is 8), in a wagon, and in a boat. Creatures in wagons and boats can only be hit if they are passive.

The Channeling enchantment on a trident cast on lightning rods will always create lightning without the need for a creature to be nearby.

This enchantment is not compatible with Riptide.

The Channeling enchantment in video.
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