Flame – Minecraft Enchantment

The Flame enchantment in Minecraft turns your arrows into flaming arrows, allowing you to set your targets on fire.

Flame Minecraft enchantment
Flame Minecraft

You can add the Flame enchantment to any bow by using an enchantment table, using an anvil or a command. Arrows fired from a bow with the Flame enchantment are on fire when fired, setting fire to creatures they hit and dealing additional fire damage. Fire damage is applied after the initial damage, similar to the Fire Aspect enchantment for melee weapons. Creatures killed by fire do not drop XP unless a player deals non-fire damage in the last 5 seconds.

Characteristics of the Flame enchantment

Unlike the lighter, flaming arrows only affect players, creatures, TNT and campfires. No other blocks will ignite. For example, a flaming arrow shot into a tree will continue to burn without igniting the tree. Flaming arrows do not produce light.

Flaming arrows become normal arrows if shot in water or rain.

The Flame enchantment on the Bow in Minecraft in video
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