Frost Walker – Minecraft Enchantment

Frost Walker is an enchantment in Minecraft for boots that creates blocks of ice when walking on water, and makes the wearer immune to damage caused by certain blocks such as campfires and magma blocks when walking on them.

Frost Walker Minecraft enchantment
Frost Walker Minecraft

What is the purpose of the Frost Walker enchantment

If it moves on the ground (without falling, jumping or flying), any stationary water block with air above it within a circle (Java version) or square (Bedrock version) radius of 2 + level around the moved block turns into ice. The water blocks must also be at the same level as the moved block to turn into ice.

Continuous movement is required for the ice to remain when the light levels would otherwise melt it. When a player stops walking on the ice created by the enchantment, the ice gradually melts around and under the player (at which point the player falls into the water). Also, the ice created by Frost Walker lasts longer at night because there is no sunlight to melt it.

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