Mending – Minecraft Enchantment

Mending is an enchantment in the game Minecraft that restores the durability of an object through experience.

Mending Minecraft enchantment
Mending Minecraft

How the Mending enchantment works in Minecraft

  • All items with Mending worn on the player’s main hand, secondary hand or armor that are not at full durability are repaired by experience orbs collected from any source. The repair rate is two durability per point of experience contained in the orb.
    • The experience in the orb is deducted by one point for every two durability points repaired. For example, one point of durability repaired does not remove any experience from the orb.
    • The experience left in the orb is added to the player’s total experience gauge as usual.
  • If more than one equipped item has the Mending enchantment and needs to be repaired, one is chosen at random for each experience orb collected. No item or location is given priority for repair.
    • Repair does not select items that are already fully repaired. For example, if the player has a fully repaired helmet and a damaged breastplate, leggings, and boots, only the latter three items count towards the repair chance.
    • Durability does not affect the randomly selected item. For example, a sword that is one durability point away from being fully repaired has as much chance of being chosen as a pickaxe that is almost broken, even if it means that less experience would be used to repair the sword.
    • Only one of these items is repaired for each experience collected. This means that any experience left on the globe is not used to repair other items and is instead added to the player’s total experience gauge as usual.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

Mending counts as a treasure enchantment; it can be obtained by looting chests, fishing, raiding or trading.

Mending Incompatibility

Mending and Infinity are mutually exclusive, only one can be used on a given item in a survival world.

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