Multishot – Minecraft Enchantment

The Multishot enchantment in Minecraft allows a player to shoot 3 arrows at once from a crossbow but only one arrow will be used from the inventory (the cost is only 1 arrow and not 3 arrows with this enchantment for Minecraft).

Multishot Minecraft enchantment
Multishot Minecraft

Using the Multishot enchantment

A crossbow with Multishot fires three arrows with each shot, sending them in different directions (10° apart horizontally), but consumes only one arrow. The two corner arrows cannot be retrieved after the shot. In the Java edition, due to damage immunity, only one arrow from a single shot can damage the same creature; other arrows that hit that creature are deflected.

Pointed/spectral arrows and fireworks fired with a Multishot crossbow are duplicated in the same way.

Crossbows with the Multishot enchantment use three points of durability per shot instead of the usual one point.

Multishot Enchantment Incompatibility

Multishot and Piercing are mutually exclusive. However, if they are combined with commands or obtained with glitches, both enchantments work normally.

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