Armadillo Minecraft : Everything you need to know about this creature

The armadillo is a passive creature that appears in savannahs. It is the only source of armadillo scutes, which are released when the player uses a brush on them.


When wounded, the armadillo flees for a short time. An armadillo may be surprised and hide in its shell when confronted by sprinting players, players on a mount or in a vehicle, and undead creatures.

minecraft rolling armadillo animation
The ball-rolling armadillo animation.

When an armadillo is rolled up, it doesn’t walk, can’t eat and isn’t tempted by food. The armadillo won’t roll up if it’s running, in the water, in the air or being guided. Armadillos continue to search for threats, and if no threat is detected for 3 seconds, they uncoil. It also unwinds instantly if it takes damage, comes into contact with water or is held on a leash.

minecraft walking armadillo
A walking armadillo.


You can reproduce armadillos using the spider eyes on two of them. Baby armadillos may take a few minutes to become adults.

Where can you find armadillos ?

The armadillo makes its home in the vast deserts of the savannah, moving peacefully between tall grasses. But don’t sneak up on them ! Like some of its real-world counterparts, the armadillo has the ability to curl up into a ball if anything disturbs it.

minecraft armadillo
The armadillo in Minecraft.

The Armadillo won the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 against the Crab and the Penguin, so it will be added to Minecraft 1.21 and can already be tested in Minecraft 1.20.5 !

winner mob vote 2023 tatou
The Minecraft armadillo rolled into a ball for protection.
The armadillo rolled into a ball for protection.

Armadillo video presentation

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