Bogged Minecraft – everything you need to know about this new skeleton mob

Bogged is a skeleton variant distinguished by its mossy, mushroom-covered appearance. They are found in marshes and mangroves. Their behavior is similar to that of skeletons, except that Bogged shoot poisoned arrows from their bows at a slower rate than their counterparts.

Bogged Minecraft
A Bogged


Bogged can appear in swamps, mangroves in groups of 4, or Trial Chambers via Trial Generators. They can be chosen as remote creatures for these Trial Generators in Trial Chambers.

Mired on a test generator
A creature bogged down on a test generator


Bogged behave like classic skeletons, firing poisoned arrows that inflict a poison effect on their target for a period of time. They have a recharge time of 3.5 seconds between each shot with their bow, as opposed to the 2 seconds of normal skeletons.

Bogged arc Minecraft
A Bogged with a bow.

As living dead creatures, Bogged are :

  • Damaged by the Instant Healing effect and healed by the Instant Damage effect.
  • Unaffected by Regeneration and Poison effects.
  • Ignored by the wither.
  • Affected by the Smite enchantment.
  • Unable to swim but do not drown.
  • They pose a threat to armadillos, which hide in their shells if a Bogged is nearby.
Bogged Minecraft night
Bogged in the night


Bogged, upon death, drop a bone, an arrow and possibly a poisoned arrow.

An enchanted bow can be dropped with a probability of 8.5%, increasing to 11.5% with Looting III enchantment. Objects held by Mired Ones retain their original damage state.

Players or tamed wolves who kill a Beast Trader gain 5 experience orbs, plus additional orbs for unleashed equipment.

An unarmored Beast Drops 6 to 8 orbs if its bow is not dropped, with a standard Looting of 5 pieces if the bow is dropped.

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