Frogs in Minecraft: everything you need to know

frog minecraft
A frog

Frogs will arrive in Minecraft 1.19 ” Wild Update”, they are intended to make the mangrove swamps of the game more lively. Frogs come in several variations depending on the biome the tadpole grew up in: tropical, temperate, tundra.

What to know about frogs in Minecraft

Frogs in Minecraft will be peaceful mobs and will be the first cold-blooded creatures in the history of the game. They will come from tadpoles, and will be available in a variety of different colors, chosen according to the temperature of the biome in which they grow. Each colored frog will have a unique character, but these traits are something Mojang has not yet decided.

The frogs will feed on a new animal: firefly.

Frogs in Minecraft
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