Minecraft 1.19 “Wild Update”: everything we know about its content

minecraft 1.19 wild update

The Minecraft Live 2021 took place yesterday, where we learned the name and content of the Minecraft 1.19 update. It will be the “Wild Update” and it will bring frogs, tadpoles, new swamp biome and other things …

Minecraft 1.19, the update we’ve all been waiting for has been unveiled and will be called the “Wild Update”. There had been many rumors, would it be the “End Update” or the “Dungeons Update”? Mojang has settled on the answer, explaining that this Minecraft update will add the Deep Dark biome, as well as the Warden (originally planned for Minecraft 1.18), sculk sensors, Deep Dark cities, and will completely overhaul the swamp biome, adding a mangrove variant. There are also plans to make various other biomes more atmospheric and immersive.


The new creatures that can be found in the 1.19 update are :


frog minecraft
Frogs will live in swamp biomes and will exist in several color variations depending on the heat of the biome: tropical, temperate, tundra.


tadpole minecraft
The tadpoles will turn into frogs and can be put in a bucket.


Fan art of the Firefly from Minecraft


The Allay is the mob that won the Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote against the Glare and the Copper Golem. It can find blocks or abandoned objects for a player. It picks up dropped items in loaded chunks and will be able to carry up to one stack at a time, cannot duplicate items or take items from chests. He will drop the items he picks up when he is within range of a notepad or jukebox.


Initially announced for Minecraft version 1.18, the Warden will finally be in Minecraft 1.19. He will appear in the Deep Dark Biome in the Deep Dark cities. He will be able to detect vibrations and therefore players or animals nearby if they make noise, he will not be able to hear you if you crouch. He will be aggressive and very strong, if you throw an object near him he will go on the spot.

warden minecraft
The Warden

The biomes

We learn more about the improvement of existing biomes such as the swamp but also about new biomes like the Deep Dark. Here are some concept-arts created by the Mojang design team, they serve as inspiration to the developers to imagine the general atmosphere in the biomes :


  • Modification of the existing swamp biome:
    • Completely reworked.
    • We find mangrove (mangrove trees).
    • Contains mud, a new block different from the dirt we know.
    • Frogs can be found there.
  • Addition of the mangrove swamp:
    • New variant of swamp biome.
    • Contains mangrove trees (tree specific to mangroves).
    • Contains mud as soil.
A mangrove swamp with frogs and fireflies.
A mangrove swamp with frogs and fireflies.

Deep Dark

  • Added Deep Dark:
    • New biome in the “deepest depths of the world”.
    • Originally planned for 1.17, then moved to 1.18, and again delayed to 1.19.
    • Tends to generate under continental/mountainous areas.
    • Generates exclusively in the chasm slate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64.
    • Contains the new structure “Deep Dark Cities”.
    • Wardens can appear there.
    • Contains all the blocks linked to the Sculk.
    • With the exception of spawners, no creatures other than Wardens can appear here, as in the mushroom fields.
deep dark cities minecraft
A Deep Dark Cities in Minecraft
The Deep Dark Cities biome in video.

The new blocks

New blocks accompany the new biomes and have various uses.

Sculk and Deep Dark blocks

Let’s start with all the blocks related to the Deep Dark biome and the Warden.


  • Generates exclusively in the Deep Dark biome
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Leaves experience only when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Can be used in redstone.
  • Sculk blocks grow under a creature’s corpse around a Sculk catalyst.
sculk block minecraft
Sculk block

Sculk Catalyst

  • Generated exclusively in the Deep Dark biome.
  • Made from sculk and a bone-like material.
  • Can be used in redstone.
  • May have something to do with axolotls.
  • Scatters blocks of sculk wherever a nearby creature dies. The amount of blocks distributed depends on how much experience the creature is supposed to bring back.
  • This means that even if the creature doesn’t return any experience because it wasn’t killed by a player, the blocks will be spread according to the amount of experience it normally returns.
  • Emits light.
  • Emits soul particles after a creature dies.
sculk catalyst minecraft
Sculk Catalyst

Sculk Shrieker

  • Generated exclusively in the Deep Dark biome.
  • Possibly made of sculk and bone-like material.
  • Has two soul-like patterns in the center.
  • Has the ability to “scream”, emitting ring-shaped sound particles.
  • Will be activated by the sculk sensor.
  • When activated, it gives players the “Darkness” effect.
  • If it is activated too often, a Warden will appear.
Sculk Shrieker minecraft
Sculk Shrieker

Swamp blocks

The addition of the mangrove swamp brings us new specific blocks:

Mangrove (mangrove tree)

mangrove tree minecraft
Mangroves will be the trees found in all mangrove biomes. The trees have propagules (kind of fruits) that grow on their branches.

Mangrove planks

mangrove planks
A small house built with mangrove planks. Mangrove wood to be used to build: slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, knobs, doors, boats and hatches.

Mud and Mud Brick

You can find mud blocks in the swamp biomes, but you can make your own by simply adding water to soil. Mud has other uses too: let it dry to make clay, or add sand and wheat to the mix to make clay bricks !

Boat with chest

boat with chest minecraft
The boats with a chest are similar to the storage wagons. Here the player can control the boat and they come in different wood variants.
Discover Minecraft 1.19 “Wild Update” in video.
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