Minecraft 1.19 “Wild Update” is available: all the contents of the update

The Minecraft 1.19 update, the “Wild Update” is now available in your launcher. Discover all the new features it brings …

You can finally play the latest Minecraft 1.19 update, it is called “Wild Update” and was released on June 7, 2022. This update introduces new locations, materials and blocks such as the Deep Dark and Mangrove biome, Ancient City, creatures like the Warden (originally planned for Minecraft 1.18), the frog, the tadpole and the Allay, as well as new items that can only be obtained in these new biomes.

minecraft 1.19 wild update
Minecraft 1.19

Now let’s discover all the content of Minecraft 1.19 together. This update of Minecraft is available at the same time for the Java version and the Bedrock version. Now Minecraft 1.19.1 is also available for download and Minecraft 1.19.2.


The new mobs that can be found in the 1.19 update will be :


warden minecraft
The Warden

The Warden is a hostile creature summoned by sculk howlers in the Deep Dark biome within the cities of the Deep Dark. It can perform melee attacks as well as ranged attacks. Wardens are completely blind, relying on their sense of smell and hearing to identify moving entities. Wardens currently deal the highest non-explosive damage of any creature in Minecraft.

Find out everything there is to know about the Warden in our dedicated article.


Minecraft frogs will live in swamp biomes and will exist in several color variants depending on the heat of the biome: temperate, warm, and cold. The temperate variant is orange, the warm variant is white, and the cold variant is green. They can croak, jump, swim but walk slowly on land. They especially like to jump off lily pad and big dripleaf.

frogs minecraft
Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs are born from tadpoles, which themselves come from frog eggs.

When they eat small slimes, they drop slime balls and when they eat small cubes of magma they drop a new block called a “Froglight”.

It is mainly because of the frogs that the fireflies will not be added to Minecraft, indeed they are toxic for the frogs.


tadpole minecraft
Tadpoles in Minecraft

Tadpoles in Minecraft turn into frogs 20 minutes after their birth, a process that can be accelerated with slime balls. The type of frog depends on the temperature of the biome in which the tadpole has grown. The tadpoles can be transported in a bucket of water.

On land the tadpoles look for the nearest body of water, if they don’t find one they die quickly, in the water they are chased by axolotls.


allay minecraft
Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is the mob that won the Minecraft Live 2021 vote against the Glare and the Copper Golem. It can fetch blocks or dropped items for a player, collecting the same items it holds in its hand.

The Allay drops items (on loaded chunks) and can carry up to one stack at a time, but cannot duplicate items or take items from chests. He drops his collected items when within range of a music block. It is possible to make him hold an item by interacting with the allay.

Allays sometimes appear in cages in raider outposts (similar to the iron golem), and inside mansions.


The “Wild Update” adds two new biomes: the Mangrove Swamp and the Deep Dark.

Deep Dark

The Deep Dark is a biome in the normal world that is generated deep in areas with low erosion. This biome is often covered with large patches of sculk blocks surrounded by sculk veins, which include sculk-related blocks such as sculk shrieker, sculk sensors, and sculk catalysts.

No creatures appear in this biome, but if a player triggers a sculk shrieker a certain number of times, the Warden may appear, giving the player the Darkness effect. This is the only biome where Ancient City can be generated. This biome is very dimly lit as there is no luminous lichen, the only sources of natural light being sculk catalysts and lava. Abandoned mineshafts cannot be generated in this biome, and they cannot cross paths if a mineshaft is generated in a nearby biome.

Ancient City

An Ancient City is a palatial structure found in Deep Dark biomes at Layer -52, housing chests containing items not found elsewhere or that can help you avoid the Warden, such as Echo Shards, Disc Fragments, and the Swift Sneak enchantment.

Ancient City in Minecraft

Mangrove Swamp

The mangrove swamp is a variation of the classic swamp biome that grows in warmer regions, usually next to jungles and deserts. The foliage of this biome is very dense, with many mangrove trees that vary greatly in height.

The soil of the mangrove swamp is mostly mud blocks with occasional patches of grass. The grass is the same color as the normal marsh, but the leaves and vines have a unique shade of light green and the water is teal rather than gray. Frogs are the only passive animals that appear in this biome and all frogs that appear here are hot frogs.

Mangrove swamp in Minecraft

New Blocks

New blocks accompany the new biomes and have various uses.

Sculk related blocks

Let’s start with all the blocks related to the Deep Dark biome and the Warden.


Sculk block minecraft
Sculk block
  • Is generated exclusively in the Deep Dark biome
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Only leaves experience when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Can be used with redstone.
  • Sculk blocks appear when a creature dies near a Sculk catalyst.

Sculk Catalyst

  • Generated exclusively in the Deep Dark biome
  • Made from sculk and a bone-like material.
  • Can be used with redstone.
  • Scatters blocks of sculk wherever a nearby creature dies. The amount of blocks distributed depends on how much experience the creature is supposed to bring back.
  • This means that even if the creature doesn’t return any experience because it wasn’t killed by a player, the blocks will be spread according to the amount of experience it normally returns.
  • Emits light.
  • Emits soul particles after a creature dies.

Sculk Shrieker

  • Generated exclusively in the Deep Dark biome.
  • Is composed of sculk and a bone-like material.
  • Is activated by a sculk sensor, a redstone signal or the player’s step.
    • Sculk shriekers only summon Wardens if there are none within 48 blocks.
  • Has two soul-like patterns in the center.
  • Has the ability to “scream”, emitting ring-shaped sound particles.
  • When activated, it gives players the “Darkness” effect.
  • If activated three times, a Warden is summoned from the ground.

Sculk Sensor

Sculk Sensor minecraft
Sculk Sensor

The sculk sensor is a block that detects vibrations caused by actions and events, and emits a redstone signal.

Sculk Veins

Sculk Veins minecraft
Sculk Veins
  • Generates in the Deep Dark biome.
  • Generates in a layer on top of blocks, like snow.
  • Can be placed in any direction, like luminous lichen.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Does not drop anything when broken without the Silk Touch enchantment.
  • Some have parts that are transparent, allowing the player to see the block they are standing on.
  • Can be waterlogged.

Reinforced Deepslate

Reinforced Deepslate minecraft
Reinforced Deepslate
  • A new block found only in Ancient City Deep Dark and is shaped like a large frame.
  • It is impossible to obtain in Survival mode.
  • Cannot be crafted.
  • Can be broken, but does not drop anything, even with Silk Touch.
  • Is completely resistant to explosions, is immune to dragon withers and ender, and takes an incredibly long time to extract (82.5 seconds, which is almost 9 times longer than obsidian with a diamond pick).
  • Cannot be moved with pistons.

Mangrove Swamp Blocks

The addition of the mangrove swamp brings us new specific blocks:

Mangrove tree

mangrove tree minecraft
Mangrove trees will be the trees found in all mangrove biomes. The trees have propagules (a kind of fruit) that grow on their branches.

Mangroves trees are a new type of tree variant found in mangrove swamp biomes. They have a unique shape, with a mangrove root system leading to a forked trunk and mangrove leaves. They are composed of mangrove logs and generated roots made of mangrove root blocks. You will sometimes find hanging propagules on the leaves of the tree. Mangroves have a chance to generate a honeycomb.


You will find mud blocks in the mangrove swamp biomes, but you can make your own, simply by adding water to soil. Mud has other uses as well: let it dry to make clay, or add wheat to the mix to make clay bricks.

Boat with chest

The boat with chest is similar to a wagon with chest, but with a boat instead of a wagon, so the player can take a trip on water and carry items. It can contain only one entity and is made by combining a chest with any boat.

There are as many variants as there are wood planks that can be created, including dark oak, jungle and the new mangrove wood plank variant.

Music Disc #5 and disc fragments

A new music disc 5 is introduced:

  • Unlike the other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and assembling 9 disc fragments.
  • These disc fragments can be found in the chests of the Ancient City of the Deep Dark. They are extremely rare and difficult to obtain.
Listen to the sound of disc 5 in Minecraft.


Froglight are obtained when small cubes of magma are eaten by frogs. They have three color variants: yellow (ochre) for the temperate variant, green (greenish) for the cold variant and purple (pearly) for the hot variant.

The variant depends on the type of frog that eats the magma cube. They emit a level of light equal to 15.

Echo Shard and Recovery Compass

The echo shard can only be found in the chests of the Ancient City in the Deep Dark, they are used to make the recovery compass.

Echo shard minecraft
Echo shard

The recovery compass always points to the last place where the player died. If it is not held by a player, it will turn randomly, if the player is not dead or if the player is not in the same dimension as where he died.

Goat horn

One of the 8 variants of goat horn falls when a goat punches a coal, copper, emerald, iron ore, log, ice block or stone:

  • “Ponder”, “Sing”, “Seek”, “Feel” are obtained via a normal goat, or chests in raider outposts (one in two chance).
  • “Admire”, “Call”, “Yearn”, “Dream” are obtained via a howling goat.

Tadpole in a bucket

Tadpole in a bucket minecraft
Tadpole in a bucket

You can get a bucket with a tadpole by right clicking on a tadpole while holding a bucket of water in your hand.

Game elements

Swift Sneak Enchantment

The Swift Sneak enchantment is found exclusively in the chests of the Ancient City. It allows you to walk faster by crouching, up to 75% of normal speed at level III. Swift Sneak cannot be obtained by fishing, enchantment or other loot chests. It is an enchantment for leggings.

Darkness Effect

Darkness Effect minecraft
Darkness Effect

The Darkness effect is an effect in Minecraft triggered by the Sculk shrieker, causing the player’s camera to dim, thus limiting his or her vision of players. Reduces the gamma to an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect.


Added 4 new music tracks composed by Lena Raine as Ancestry (plays in the Deep Dark biome), Aerie, Firebugs and Labyrinthine (plays in lush caves, all types of swamps, forests and jungles, as well as in the menu screen).

Playlist of the 4 new music in Minecraft 1.19.


Added seven new achievements to Minecraft:

  • “Birthday Song”
    • Have an allay deliver a cake at a note block
  • “Bukkit Bukkit”
    • Catch a tadpole in a bucket
  • “It Spreads”
    • Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalyst
  • “Sneak 100”
    • Sneak near a Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you
  • “When the Squad Hops into Town”
    • Get each frog variant on a lead
  • “With Our Powers Combined!”
    • Have all three froglights in your inventory
  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”
    • Have an allay deliver items to you

Minecraft 1.19 video

Minecraft 1.19 in video

Download Minecraft 1.19

How to install Minecraft 1.19 ? To get Minecraft 1.19 on your computer, go to your Minecraft launcher, then select “Latest version 1.19”. For basic information, please refer to our guide: how to change your Minecraft version.

On consoles (for the Bedrock Edition) Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 launch the game and it should update itself to version 1.19.

📥 Minecraft 1.19 server version

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