The Warden in Minecraft: How to find him and all the information

warden minecraft
The Warden

The Warden will be the first blind Minecraft creature to be added to Minecraft. Instead of following the player normally, it uses the sculk sensors on its head to detect vibrations.

It was shown in the Warden reveal that it will be attracted to projectiles that produce a sound. However, it is not recommended to fight the Warden, as it does a lot of damage. Mojang developers have also stated that this creature is not meant to be fought, but rather to scare players.

The Warden is a hostile creature coming in Minecraft 1.19 – Wild Update.

More information about the Warden

The Warden seems to get faster when attacked, and it deals so much damage that it can kill a player wearing full netherite armor in two hits (weaker armor or no armor will result in the player’s death in one hit).

warden in a cave
A Warden in a cave.

The Warden will not hear the player if he crouches in front of him, but if the player attacks him enough, he will lock onto him and not be distracted by other noises. At that point, he will start charging the player much faster than before.

If a player approaches him or tries to attack him with poison, wither or similar status effects, the Warden will still attack him.

Warden concept art
A concept art of the Warden that allows to see his size and his ears that detect the sound.

His heartbeat is audible and visible, and the more he is attacked, the stronger he becomes, and the stronger he becomes, the more his soulful heart flashes.

The Warden's animation
The Warden’s animation
  • It will appear in the new Deep Darkness biome of the Deep Darkness Cities.
  • Is the first completely blind creature (bats, though relying almost exclusively on echolocation, still have basic vision).
    • Has a sense of smell. It will detect a player if he gets too close, even if he has emitted vibrations.
    • Can hear sounds. When it detects movement, it moves towards the source of the movement.
      • It follows and attacks players, creatures and other entities that emit vibrations.
    • When attacked, it moves towards the player.
    • If a projectile (egg, snowball, arrow, etc.) lands near the Warden, the creature inspects the area where the projectile landed, as the projectile creates movement and noise. This feature can be used to create a distraction.
    • Does not detect crouching players.
  • It can detect players who are invisible.
  • It burns in daylight.
  • He is Incredibly strong, doing 30 (♥ × 15) damage.
  • It is the only creature that appears in deep darkness.
  • At least as fast as the player’s walking speed.
  • Appears to have resistance to enchantment knockback.
  • The Warden’s breastplate has a glowing core that seems to light up and go out along with the ambient lighting of the structure generated by the deep, dark city.
    • The core creates a faint fluttering sound as it pulses. The sound and animation seem to accelerate rapidly when the Warden notices a player.
  • It stands about 3.5 blocks tall, making it one of the largest creatures in the game, surpassing the Iron Golem and Enderman in height and width.
  • Can be summoned by Sculk’s Howlers; a Warden will pop out of the ground nearby if activated in excessive numbers.

Where to find the Warden in Minecraft?

Warden are found underground, in deep, dark caves located “deep in the world”, where the sculk is located. The surrounding area is very dark, which makes it easier for the Warden to crouch. While the depths of the dark caves are unknown, it is confirmed that they are located at the lowest point of the Minecraft world, just above the bedrock.

The Warden’s first appearance in video
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