Mud blocks in Minecraft : how to find and make them ?

Mud blocks in Minecraft can be found, made and used in a variety of ways. Mud can be used as decorative building blocks, or converted into clay, a source of terracotta.

Minecraft Mud
A block of Mud

How do you find Mud in Minecraft ?

Mud is one of the many new blocks added in Minecraft 1.19 to complement much of the other Wild Update content. These blocks are generally generated naturally in the mangrove swamp biome.

To harvest a Mud block in Minecraft, you can simply go bare-handed, however, using a shovel will make the process much quicker.

You can also create a Mud block in Minecraft by using a vial of water on a block of dirt.

Another unique feature of the Mud block in Minecraft is that entities will sink partially (by 2 pixels) into the block, like the sand of souls. Mud will not, however, reduce the movement speed of objects or people on it.

If Mud is placed directly on top of a block with a sharp dripstone underneath, it will eventually turn to clay.

Compacted Mud

minecraft compacted Mud
Compacted Mud

Compacted Mud is a block made from mud and wheat. It is used to create Mud bricks. Compacted Mud can be broken by hand, but using a pickaxe speeds up the process. Even when broken by hand, it falls out on its own.

craft compacted Mud minecraft
Compacted Mud craft : Mud + Wheat.

Mud brick

Mud brick minecraft
A Mud brick

A Mud brick is a decorative block obtained by combining 4 blocks of compacted Mud. Mud bricks can be obtained by mining them with any pickaxe. When mined with any other tool, they are worthless.

Mud brick craft minecraft
Mud brick craft : 4 mud.

Muddy mangrove roots

Muddy mangrove root
Muddy mangrove root

Muddy mangrove roots are a decorative variant of mangrove roots. Muddy mangrove roots can be broken up by hand, but using a shovel speeds up the process. Muddy mangrove roots break off by themselves when broken with any tool.

Muddy mangrove roots minecraft
Muddy mangrove root craft : Mud + mangrove root.
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