Grindstone Minecraft : how to make and use it ?

A Grindstone in Minecraft is a block that repairs objects and tools and removes their enchantments, with the exception of the Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing. It also serves as a work block for weapon smiths in villages.

Grindstone minecraft
A Grindstone

How do you make a Grindstone in Minecraft ?

Making a Grindstone isn’t complex, as it doesn’t require any hard-to-come-by ingredients. You’ll need 2 sticks, 1 slab of rock and 2 planks of wood (any type).

minecraft Grindstone craft
Grindstone crafting in Minecraft

Natural Grindstone generation

Grindstones can be generated naturally in any weapon smithy, provided you can find a village.

How do I use a Grindstone in Minecraft ?

When in use, it displays a graphical interface with two input slots and one output slot.

Placing an enchanted item in an input slot creates a new, non-enchanted item of the same type and durability in the output slot. Removing the item from the output slot will consume the input item and drop experience.

Grindstone interface
The Grindstone interface in Minecraft

Placing two objects (enchanted or not) of the same type in input slots creates a new non-enchanted object of that type with a durability equal to the sum of the durabilities of the two input objects, plus 5% of the maximum durability of that object (rounded down), up to its maximum durability. Both input objects are consumed in the process. If one of the two input objects was enchanted, the removal of the output object will cause experience to be lost.

The amount of experience lost depends on the number of enchantments and the level of each enchantment, but is partially random. For example, the Fire Protection I enchantment will cause you to lose between 5 and 9 experience points.

As with all non-enchanted items, the new item has no work penalty. A Grindstone cannot lift a curse. Grindstones cannot remove an object’s personalized name.

If the action is not applicable (e.g., only one object is not enchanted, or the two inputs are different objects), the arrow will display a red cross as for the anvil, and no object will appear in the output slot.

The following tables show the durability bonuses of various objects :

Durability bonus for Grindstone armor
Bonus durability for Grindstone items
BowCrossbowTridentShieldTurtle shellElytraCarrot on stickRusk mushroom on stickFishing rodSnipsLighter
192312161321153 [Java]
19 [Bedrock]
Durability bonus granted to other objects with the Grindstone

Change of trade

If a village has a Grindstone that has not been claimed by a villager, any nearby villager who has not chosen a task block has a chance to change their trade to weapon smith.


When enchantments are removed from items, the player gains experience equal to the enchantment’s minimum modified enchantment level. The final amount is a random sum distributed evenly between half the sum obtained (rounded up) and the sum itself.

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