Stonecutter Minecraft : How to make and use it ?

The Stonecutter in Minecraft allows you to carve stone and copper blocks in smaller, more precise quantities than via the classic crafting system. It also serves as a task block for the Stonecutter.

Stonecutter in Minecraft
A Stonecutter

How do you make a Stonecutter in Minecraft ?

Making a Stonecutter is relatively straightforward, and doesn’t require any hard-to-get components. You’ll need 1 iron ingot and 3 rocks.

Stonecutter craft in Minecraft
Stonecutter crafting in Minecraft

Natural Stonecutter generation

Stonecutters can be generated naturally in any mason’s house, although you’ll need to find a village first.

How to use the Stonecutter in Minecraft ?

Rock cutting

The Stonecutter can be used as an alternative to the crafting table to make most stone-related blocks. All its recipes require just one ingredient and produce a single product (in varying quantities).

Stonecutter interface in minecraft
Stonecutter interface

It allows you to skip steps to make certain blocks : for example, a boulder can be directly transformed into cut stone, but requires several crafting steps.

Staircase recipes are also more efficient than their crafting counterparts : on a crafting table, 6 stone blocks are transformed into 4 staircases, while the Stonecutter gives 1 staircase per stone block.

Stonecutter animation in minecraft
Stonecutter animation

Changing professions

If a village has a Stonecutter who has not been claimed by a villager, any villager who has not already chosen a task block has a chance to change profession to become a Stonecutter.

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