Minecraft Loom : How to use and make one ?

The Loom in Minecraft is used to apply patterns to banners. It’s also used as a task block for shepherds in villages.

minecraft loom
A Loom

How do you make a Loom in Minecraft ?

Making a Loom is pretty straightforward, since it doesn’t require any complex components. All you need are two strings and 4 wooden planks (of any type).

Loom craft in minecraft
Loom craft in minecraft

Find a Loom

Looms can be found in the sheepfolds of villages you come across.

How do I use a Loom in Minecraft ?

Apply banner patterns

Using a Loom opens up its graphical interface. It has 3 slots for a banner, a dye and an optional banner pattern object. When a banner is inserted, a list of patterns appears in the central section.

minecraft Loom interface
The Loom interface

By selecting a pattern or using a banner motif from the list, you can see a preview of the banner after application, if any dyeing is present. To finish, the player must pick up the banner from the slot below the preview. The original banner and the dye disappear from their respective slots, but the banner design is not consumed.

To find out more, read our guide : how to make banners in Minecraft ?

Changing professions

If a village has a Loom that hasn’t been claimed by a villager, any villager who hasn’t already chosen a task block has a chance to change profession to Shepherd.


A Loom can be used as fuel in a kiln to melt 1.5 items.

Musical block

Looms can be placed under music blocks to produce a “low” sound.

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