Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 : discover the 3 mobs and how to vote at Minecraft Live 2023

Minecraft Live 2023 is fast approaching, and will feature a never-before-seen Mob Vote 2023 to choose a new creature. Players will be able to express their preference for a new mob introduced by Mojang, which will be integrated into the game in a future update if enough votes are collected.

The three mobs in the running for this competition are the Crab, the Armadillo and the Penguin. Let’s take a look at their characteristics to help you choose when the vote takes place on October 15, 2023 at 7pm.

The Crab

minecraft crab
A crab in Minecraft.

The Crab is one of the new creatures proposed for addition to the game at the Minecraft Live 2023 vote. Here’s some key information about him:

  • Location : The Crab is located in the Mangrove Swamp biome, an environment filled with creepers and muddy terrain. To find it, you’ll need to be alert to movements among the creepers.
  • Features : The Crab’s large claw is its most notable feature. This claw can be used by players to place blocks at an increased distance, offering new possibilities in terms of construction and gameplay.
  • Role in the Biome : The Crab contributes to the Mangrove ecosystem, adding an extra layer of complexity and realism to this specific biome.
Crab staging in Minecraft
Crab staging in Minecraft. Source : Steve Finds.

The armadillo

The Armadillo is also competing to be added to Minecraft at Mob Vote 2023. Here are some essential details about this creature :

  • Location : The Armadillo is found in desert savannahs, often moving quietly among the tall grasses. Be careful not to surprise it, as it has the ability to curl up into a ball.
  • Characteristics : The armadillo leaves behind special scales called “scutes“. These scales can be used to make wolf armor, giving your canine companion extra defense. This armor is particularly useful for protecting your pet from enemies.
  • Behavior : If the Armadillo is surprised by a player, it rolls into a ball as a defense mechanism. This behavior adds an interesting dynamic to interactions with this creature.
Armadillo staging in Minecraft
Armadillo staging in Minecraft. Source : Steve Finds.

The penguin

penguin in Minecraft
A penguin in Minecraft.

The Penguin is the third creature proposed for the Minecraft Live 2023 vote. Here’s the key information you need to know :

  • Location : The Penguin is found in the Rocky Shores, a biome composed mainly of rocks and salt water. You can see it strolling along the beach or swimming in the nearby ocean.
  • Characteristics : This mob is amphibious, able to move both on land and in the water. Although it can be clumsy on land, the Penguin is an exceptional swimmer. What’s more, when in close proximity to your boat, it has the ability to speed it up.
  • Role in Biome : The Penguin contributes to the rocky shore ecosystem, adding an extra dimension of authenticity and complexity to the gameplay in this biome.
Staging the penguin in Minecraft
Staging the penguin in Minecraft. Source : Steve Finds.


How to vote at the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Like last year, you’ll be able to vote in Minecraft from October 13 ! Join the live event server on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to submit your vote, meet the Tinies, play mini-games, and even indulge in a bit of parkour.

You can also vote on Minecraft.net, or via the Minecraft launcher.

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