Minecraft mob vote 2022 : discover the tuff golem !

We now know that the tuff golem in Minecraft is the third and final creature in the running for the 2022 mob vote, so here are all the known details about this creature…

Tuff golem Minecraft
Tuff golem Minecraft

The tuff golem in Minecraft could be the next creature added to the game if it wins this year’s Minecraft Live 2022 mob vote. The annual creature vote is one of the most anticipated features of Minecraft Live, alongside the announcement of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. Three creatures are up for voting.

After the Minecraft rascal and the Minecraft sniffer, the tuff golem has been announced as the third and final creature you can vote for. We’re here to make sure you’re fully equipped to make the right choice, so here’s everything we know about the tuff golem.

Discover the Tuff Golem in Minecraft

Details of the Minecraft tuff golem

The tuff golem is probably made to look like the tuff block, which was added in the 1.17 update. The little gray statue isn’t as big as the iron golem, or even the snow golem, but it has its own strengths as a mobile piece of art – or at least that’s how it was presented to us in the official blog.

Unlike the rascal or sniffer, the tuff golem will need to be built, and can even be matched to your decor by placing a block of colored wool in its recipe. Once built and placed, the magical statue will sporadically come to life, picking up objects around it and returning to its original location. Again, this is more of a decoration than a utility, making it a good choice for builders rather than adventurers.

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