Minecraft 1.20 : release date, new biomes, creatures, features and other leaks

At this time, we have no information about the theme of the version 1.20 of Minecraft. Is it going to be a simple update fixing bugs and adding a small new feature or a major one enriching an existing dimension ?

Change 16/20/2022: We now know more about 1.20, to find out everything check out our article: Minecraft 1.20: all the new features of the update announced at Minecraft Live 2022

I’d better warn you, everything you’ll read in this article is just a guess, because we don’t know anything about Minecraft 1.20 yet. As usual, the developers of Mojang Studios don’t communicate in advance on the subject of the future update, but we can still think that if they follow the rhythm they usually keep, a big maj and then a small one, that is to say about 2 per year, the next one should be satisfied with fixing bugs.

We’ve included confirmed features, announced changes and some speculation for the next Minecraft 1.20 update.

Minecraft 1.20

When will Minecraft 1.20 be released ?

The last 6 major Minecraft updates have been in April 2019, December 2019, June 2020, June 2021, November 2021 and June 2022. Aside from 2020, there have been two major patches every year.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that the release date for Minecraft Update 1.20 will likely come towards the end of the year, either in November or December 2023.

Possible new biomes in Minecraft 1.20

Over the years, Minecraft has teased several new biomes but also modified some old ones. So we can expect to see at least one new one in Minecraft 1.20 or an old one that will be improved.

Improved desert biome

minecraft 1 20 desert update
In spite of its temples, the desert remains mainly composed of sand without much interest (like the real one you will say), adding animals would not be luxury. Why not camels or meerkats that would make the biome a little more alive ?

In 2018, Minecraft held a biome vote where the community chose Tagia as the biome they wanted to see redesigned. But the developers assured that the losing biomes will be present in a later update. So the new Desert biome could be in Minecraft 1.20.

The new Desert biome is supposed to add palm trees, meerkats, new cacti and possibly an oasis.

Improved Savannah biome

minecraft 1 20 savannah update 1200x675 1
The savannah biome is clearly not the one I think of first, however seeing ostriches and a bit of novelty in a rather simple biome I don’t say no.

The second biome that lost in the 2018 vote was the Savannah biome. If the developers decide to update this biome instead of the desert, you could have Baobab trees, decaying plants, termites and even ostriches.

Improved Badlands biome

minecraft 1 20 badlands update
The Badlands Update is a very realistic proposal, Mojang even put it to the vote at the end of last year. We could find vultures, new cacti and twirlers.

Minecraft also had a biome vote in 2019 in which the mountains won, and a revamped version was released in the Minecraft 1.17 update. But what’s interesting is that the mangrove swamp biome, which lost, was also updated in Minecraft 1.19. This leaves the Badlands biome, which may finally be updated in Minecraft 1.20.

The new Badlands are supposed to get tumbleweeds, new cacti, and vultures. Interestingly, the vultures are supposed to have similar item collection mechanics to the Allay but in reverse !

Birch Forest Biome

art conceptuel minecraft biome foret
Concept art of the birch forest.

During the announcement of Minecraft update 1.19, the developers announced a potential redesign of the birch forest in the form of concept art. Later, the developers announced that this new biome will not be part of the update in Ask Mojang 2022.

Possible new creatures in Minecraft 1.20

In addition to the biomes, if we speculate based on the various creatures already announced, the following are likely to arrive in Minecraft 1.20 :

  • Fireflies
  • Vultures
  • Ostriches
  • Meerkat
  • Termites

Please note that with the exception of fireflies, none of these creatures have official renderings in the game. We explain in our article why fireflies are not in Minecraft 1.19.

Deferred content that could arrive in Minecraft 1.20

These features were originally promised to be in a specific update, but they were later postponed and have not yet been integrated.

Fletching table

minecraft Fletching table
Fletching table

Fletching table are expected to have functionality in a later update, similar to the blacksmith tables (originally added as a generic building block for villagers, then given functionality for players in a later update). Originally, this was planned for “the next major thematic update”. Later, it was stated that the feature was not guaranteed for 1.16. We are still waiting for a feature.


bundle Minecraft
A bundle

Originally announced for the Caves & Cliffs update, development of this item has been delayed to a later release. Bundle are storage items that can be used to manage items in the player’s inventory, and allow multiple types of items to be combined into single inventory slots.


brush Archaeology minecraft
The brush that is supposed to be used in archaeology

Originally announced for the Caves & Cliffs update, development of this gameplay feature has been pushed back for a future release. Players would be able to venture into their world and find Digging Sites, complete with a woolen tent and some chests. One of the chests would contain a new tool known as the Brush.

Using the brush, the player can sweep away dirt and grit in the dig sites. In order to uncover artifacts, you could even find diamonds in the dirt and gravel, if you did, you had to carefully extract it, otherwise you would lose the diamond. Among these artifacts are ceramic shards, which can be incorporated into clay pots to make painted clay pots.

What will be the theme and name of Minecraft 1.20 ?

Each Minecraft update is named according to the changes and features it brings to the game. Since the features have not been officially announced yet, we have no way of knowing the official name of the Minecraft 1.20 update. But here are some suggestions based on guesses :

Jungle Update

Jungle Update
How would you like to meet gorillas, monkeys or natives who attack you on sight in the jungle ? This biome is already great as it is, but being able to feed gorillas with bananas would certainly be fun.

Birch forest Update

Birch forest Update
Birch forests would be much more lively if they were populated by deer, hinds and fans. Which player would you be, the one who feeds them and teaches them or the one who hunts them for their skin ?

Dark forest Update

Dark forest Update
Dark forests in Minecraft are notorious for not letting the sun shine through. Adding bears that feed on honey and attack us while we are quietly toasting a marshmallow by the fire could be fun.

Deap sea Update

Mise à jour de Deap sea
The aquatic part of Minecraft has already been updated with 1.13, but we can imagine that at some point Mojang wants to go even further by updating the ocean floors. Why not jellyfish, sharks, new monuments or mines ?

Frozen ocean Update

Frozen ocean Update
Just by looking at the illustration, I can already see myself crossing the frozen lakes on my sled pulled by wolfhounds in the middle of the penguins. I immediately fell in love with the baby penguin being fed by his parents.

Mega taiga Update

Mega taiga Update
The mega taiga biome would be even more original if we could see beavers building dams in the middle of the river.

Cold ocean Update

Cold ocean Update
There might be one thing missing in Minecraft, big and majestic creatures. What if they were whales ? They could roam the oceans feeding on plankton and from time to time give us a blow of tail to annoy us. Well, let’s not dream about the stranded titanic, I can’t see this kind of structure landing in Minecraft.

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