Minecraft Preview : test the new features of Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Preview makes it easier for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players to test new game features before anyone else…

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta program allows players to test new features in the game before they are rolled out in the official version (much like snapshots are for Minecraft Java). However, the current iteration of the beta comes with several trade-offs, including being limited to certain platforms and not allowing players to enjoy the official Minecraft release simultaneously.

Minecraft preview logo
The logo of the Minecraft Preview app

That’s why Mojang Studios has announced Minecraft Preview, which will eventually replace the old beta program in its entirety.

Minecraft Preview will be a separate game from Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. That means it will be able to arrive on more platforms than the current beta program, which is only available on Xbox, Windows and Android devices. It also means that players will be able to participate in testing early versions of Minecraft and the official version of Minecraft on the same device simultaneously, whereas the current beta program requires you to constantly sign up and unsubscribe from the program.

Mojang Studios is launching Minecraft Preview on Windows and iOS devices first. So this is the first time preliminary builds of Minecraft : Bedrock Edition are available on iOS devices. Over time, Minecraft Preview will be available on more Minecraft : Bedrock Edition platforms, which means that even PlayStation and Nintendo Switch Minecraft players may be able to participate in testing future Minecraft updates.

You can find all the information about Minecraft Preview in our translated FAQ from the Official FAQ.

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Questions and answers about Minecraft Preview

What is Minecraft Preview ?

Minecraft Preview is an evolution of the Bedrock Beta program. While Betas are currently limited to Xbox, Windows and Android, Minecraft Preview will allow for expansion to other platforms. Minecraft Preview is also a separate app/game that you can play without affecting your standard Bedrock experience, and it will allow you to test the latest and greatest features. Plus, with Minecraft Preview, you won’t have to choose between the beta and the final version – you can play both on the same device or console !

What platforms is Minecraft Preview available on ?

Minecraft Preview is available on several Bedrock platforms, starting with iOS and Windows 10/11.

Will Minecraft Preview be available on other platforms ?

Mojang is working diligently to make Minecraft Preview available on other platforms.

Is the Minecraft beta still available ?

The Minecraft beta is currently still available on Xbox, Windows and Android. On Xbox and Windows. The existing beta program will have some overlap with Minecraft Preview before the existing beta programs are retired.

What does it look like when players move from the beta to the preview ?

The installation of Minecraft Preview will look a little different on each platform. Let’s cover the first three that will be released :
– On iOS, you can access Minecraft Preview by going to a specific URL and signing up. Spots are limited but will be open intermittently.
– On Xbox and Windows, Minecraft Preview will be available for free to anyone who owns the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It will automatically appear in your games and applications library as a new item ready to be installed !

Can Xbox Game Pass players participate in Minecraft Preview ?

Yes. Minecraft Preview will be added to Game Pass for Xbox and Windows later this year.

Is Minecraft Preview available in the Minecraft launcher ?

There are plans to add Minecraft Preview to the Minecraft launcher later this year as well.

Can Minecraft worlds be imported into Minecraft Preview ?

This feature is not available at the moment, it will certainly be possible in the future.

What features are not available in Minecraft Preview ?

– Cross-platform multiplayer
– Marketplace (only on certain platforms)
– Realms/ Featured Servers
– Progress

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