Minecraft 1.21 : 10 features we can’t wait to see in the next Minecraft update

With the Minecraft 1.20 update (and even after Minecraft 1.20.1) players can finally express their personalities and tell their own stories. Could this be a sign of renewed confidence in Mojang on the part of Minecraft players? The new cherry tree biome and the armor customization system via smithing templates are proof of this.

If this evolution continues through to the next update, we could be witnessing a lot of good news. That’s why we’re passing on some suggestions from the community here, including a list of favorite features we’d like to see included in the Minecraft 1.21 update.

Minecraft 1.21

Our expectations for the Minecraft 1.21 update

Our list of hoped-for features for Minecraft 1.21 encompasses a variety of changes, from the smallest to the most significant.

Luminous armor trims

glowing armor trim
Luminous armor trims from XXVI’s Shiny Armor Trims texture pack.

Since ornaments are a brand-new feature, they still have plenty of room for change and improvement. And one of the best ways to improve it would be to make armor trims luminous.

You can already make signs and hanging signs glow with pockets of shiny ink. Extending this functionality to armor trims via special smithing templates will integrate perfectly with existing game concepts.

Bag and inventory management

bag minecraft

Leaving chests aside, Minecraft doesn’t offer a reliable way of storing, managing and transporting your items. And given how the game has more interactive objects than any other sandbox game, players certainly need a way to sort their collections and manage inventory. We expect the Minecraft 1.21 update to bring a bundle object that lets you store a group of objects in your existing inventory.

Minecraft may also introduce a mechanism that allows players to expand their default inventory. A leather backpack would be a reliable way of introducing this feature into the game. Many other popular games offer similar solutions.

More jobs for villagers

It’s been almost ten years since Minecraft villagers were introduced to real trades, and their career options have remained unchanged since then. However, exciting changes could be on the horizon with the release of Minecraft 1.21, as hints suggest new possibilities.

In the game files for the new Minecraft Legends game, there are several unused villagers, such as alchemists, beastmasters, beekeepers, glassblowers, ice sculptors, performers, musicians and weavers. None of these villagers exist in the main game, but their presence opens up a ton of possibilities for professions in the next major update.

Combat parity

Currently, combat between the Bedrock and Java versions is radically different. The most common example of this disparity is the way you can spam enemies on Bedrock but have to wait after each attack on Java. Furthermore, sweep attacks are exclusive to the Java edition, as are battle axes.

These differences make it almost impossible for players to enjoy both editions of the game without learning distinct combat mechanics. Let’s hope Minecraft Update 1.21 can put an end to this.

More use for emeralds

Emeralds, with their exchange mechanism based on Minecraft’s different villager types, serve as an unofficial currency in the game. Unfortunately, that’s about the only reason they’re used at all. Although emeralds appear in the same way as diamonds and other minerals in Minecraft, we can’t use them in crafting recipes.

This unfair treatment of emerald ore puts them in an undesirable situation. And given that Minecraft Dungeons already has emerald armor (pictured above), we should get some emerald recipes in the original game too.

Hollow wood in Minecraft 1.21

concept art minecraft biome forest

The idea of hollow wood and hollow tree trunks was first presented in concept art of a birch forest at Minecraft Live 2021. We’ve yet to get this biome redesign, but we’re hoping that Minecraft update 1.21 can pave the way.

The game already features mangrove traps made of hollow wood. The hollow wooden blocks are therefore not far removed from the real thing. And even if they have no functional advantage, you can still use hollow wood to enhance your Minecraft house.

New End dimension in Minecraft update 1.21

Minecraft Nether Update 1.16 overhauled the entire Nether dimension, adding new creatures, new structures and even Netherite to the game. And players, as you might expect, are now demanding the same treatment for the End dimension in Minecraft update 1.21.

Once you’ve defeated the Ender Dragon and retrieved the Elytra from an End city, there’s no incentive to return to the End dimension. The Nether, on the other hand, invites players to return for a variety of reasons. With these major differences in mind, we look forward to a complete overhaul of the End in Minecraft Update 1.21.

Redesign of savannah and badlands biomes

minecraft 1 20 savannah update 1200x675 1

In Minecraft Live 2018 and 2019, the team behind Minecraft gave us the opportunity to request a complete redesign of several biomes. The winning biomes, Mountains, and Taiga got improvements in the following updates.

The Savannah biome is clearly not the first one I’d think of, but I’m not saying no to ostriches and a bit of novelty in a fairly simple biome.

But what’s interesting is that the Mangrove Swamp, one of the losing biomes, has also been improved in the Minecraft 1.19 update. What’s more, the Desert received a bunch of unique additions in Minecraft Update 1.20. So it’s only a matter of time before the Savannah and probably even the Badlands get a complete overhaul.

minecraft 1 20 badlands update

The Badlands Update is an entirely realistic proposal, and Mojang even put it to the vote at the end of last year. It could include vultures, new cacti and twirlers.

Unused creatures

Minecraft developers have a reputation for creating conceptual creatures without ever integrating them into the game. But what’s really tragic are the creatures that exist in the game but have no purpose or point of appearance.
These unused creatures include:

  • Giant (zombie)
  • Zombie horse
  • Ghost guardian of the elders
  • Illusionist
  • Killer rabbit
  • Jungle villagers
  • Swamp villager
  • In reality, the Minecraft 1.21 update can’t add all these creatures to the game. But we’re still hoping that at least some of these creatures can get justice before another entry is added to the list.

Pride Update

This update could help raise awareness of diversity and inclusion, and create a more welcoming game environment for players of all backgrounds.

minecraft pride update

New Biomes :

  • Pride Land Biome: A colorful and vibrant biome representing the LGBTQ+ pride flag. Trees, plants and animals in this biome could have bright and varied colors to represent the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Trans Peak Biome: A mountain biome with blue, pink and white colors (the colors of the transgender flag). It could have special crystals that glow in these colors.

New creatures :

  • Pride Parrots: Parrots in Pride flag colors that could be tamed and fly around the player to show their support.
  • Trans Stags: Deer with colored antlers that reflect the colors of the transgender flag. They could be tamed and used as mounts.

New features :

  • Pride Flags: Players could make flags representing different LGBTQ+ pride flags and display them in their homes or villages.
  • Identity potions: Special potions that allow players to change their character’s appearance in-game, symbolizing the transition process for transgender people.
  • Diversity Village: A new type of village populated by diverse and inclusive villagers. These villagers could have unique behaviors and interactions, and players could participate in special Pride events in these villages.
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