Skyblock – Map Minecraft – 1.10.2 → 1.20.2

You all know the concept of the Skyblock map, it has already been visited and revisited from all angles. With Skyblock 4, Astavie, the author of the map, wanted to go back to the origins of Skyblock by adding more objectives and an ending to the map.

Here are the features of this Minecraft Skyblock map:

  • The Wart of the Void is available
  • You can go to the End
  • 10 new challenges!
  • Several mini-islands with additional items
  • Zombies have a chance to drop gravel
  • Blazes have a chance to drop quartz from the nether
  • Mummified zombies have a chance to drop quartz
  • Skeletons have a chance to drop soul sand
  • There is a -1000 to 1000 border in the world and in the Nether
  • It has custom progress in 1.12+.
  • When everyone is in the End, the worldborder command is reset (1.12+ only)
  • When someone leaves the End, the border returns, so be careful (1.12+ only)
An island in the skyblock map
An island in the skyblock map

The rules

There are 2 rules that you should respect:

  • Do not deliberately jump off the island to regenerate your health
  • Play at least on easy difficulty

The challenges

You will find below a list of challenges to achieve for the Skyblock 3 map, trying to achieve them all will not be so easy:

  1. Build a cobble generator
  2. Build a house
  3. Expand the island
  4. Make a melon farm
  5. Make a pumpkin farm
  6. Make a reed / sugar cane farm
  7. Make a wheat farm
  8. Make a giant red mushroom
  9. Make a bed
  10. Make 64 stone bricks
  11. Make 20 torches
  12. Make an infinite water source
  13. Make an oven
  14. Make a small lake
  15. Build a platform 24 blocks away from the island, so that the mobs can appear
  16. Make 10 cactus green dye
  17. Make 10 mushroom stew
  18. Make 10 Jack ‘o’ Lanterns
  19. Make 10 bookcases
  20. Make 10 bread
  21. Collect 10 End Beads
  22. Cook 10 fish
  23. Make 10 black wool
  24. Make 10 grey wool
  25. Make 10 Light Grey Wool
  26. Make 10 Lime Green Wool
  27. Make 10 red wool
  28. Make 10 yellow wool
  29. Make 10 pink wool
  30. Make 10 Green Wool
  31. Make 10 Orange Wool
  32. Make 10 Snow Golems
  33. Make 20 paints
  34. Build and light a Nether portal
  35. Make 5 gold bars
  36. Make 16 glass panes
  37. Collect 50 birch logs
  38. Collect 64 arrows and make a bow
  39. Make 10 stone buttons
  40. Make 30 stone slabs
  41. Make 10 signs
  42. Make 20 ladders
  43. Make 20 fences
  44. Make 20 fence gates
  45. Make 10 levers
  46. Make 10 trap doors
  47. Make 10 stone pressure plates
  48. Make 10 wooden pressure plates
  49. Collect 64 bone powders
  50. Make 20 cobblestone stairs
  51. Collect 64 iron
  52. Make a gold farm in the nether
  53. Heal a zombie villager
  54. Make an iron golem appear
  55. Use Redstone for 3 machines
  56. Find a piece of slime and create a slime farm
  57. Make a lava aqueduct system
  58. Go to the End and defeat the Dragon
  59. Find an elytra
  60. Make the Wither appear and defeat it
alone skyblock
Don’t you feel too lonely on your island?

Download Skyblock Map

Choose the version of the map according to your version of Minecraft. We recommend you to use the most recent version to enjoy all the features of Skyblock 3 and 4. For the more recent versions, 1.15.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2 and 1.19.4, the download links are those of the “Vanilla Skyblock” map because the concept is the same.

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6 thoughts on “Skyblock – Map Minecraft – 1.10.2 → 1.20.2”

  1. My skyblock world doesnt have zombies that drop gravel and skeletons that drop soul sand. I downloaded the map file, what else is there that I should be doing?

  2. Hello! I recently started a new Skyblock Vanilla in the 1.19.2 but i think is bugged cause all the islands I found (with the spectator mode) were like 100 blocks under the main island and I could see lava pools everywhere which was very wierd.

    Is this supposed to be like this? And if not, how do I fix it?

    Kind regards.

    PD: The islands were more like small cubes where water zombies spawned.

    PD2: The map is super great and I’m enjoying them both very much (Skyblock Classic and Vanilla).

  3. I just started the skyblock classic hardcore for 1.19.2 and i cant play cause it took hours loading the map, i only can see a topbar that says: “skyblock classic building”, and a bar of progress that never ends, and in bottom a message that says: “working in progress”. As i said, it’s been like this for hours.
    I would appreciate a recommendation.


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