How to give a job to a villager in Minecraft ?

Villagers get jobs by placing task blocks near them in their neighborhood. Each job has a corresponding block. Find out how to give a job to a villager in Minecraft.

How to give a profession to villagers in Minecraft?

The most important elements are task blocks and villagers willing to take jobs. You can encourage anyone to take a job, even if they already have a profession. But remember that if you trade with a particular villager, he cannot change his job or get a new one.

To change a villager’s profession in Minecraft, simply destroy the task block they are currently using as their profession and then leave another one nearby so they can take on the new profession.

Village idiots can’t have their professions transformed in Minecraft, so if you encounter them, save time and move on.

Keep in mind that destroying the profession block a villager is using will make them angry at you.

However, if you make sure that another job block is vacant and placed within about 48 blocks of the villager, he will eventually look for a new job, stumble upon the block and automatically change his villager job in Minecraft.

So if you want to turn your former farmer into a gunsmith, place a blast furnace right next to him and give him some time, he should eventually turn into a gunsmith without you having to intervene.

Which blocks give villagers jobs ?

minecraft villager professions corresponding job site blocks
All plains biome variant professions (except unemployed) corresponding to their different job site blocks.

There are 15 types of villagers in the Minecraft world. Two of them don’t have jobs: The Idiot and the Unprofessional. The others need different workstation blocks to perform their unique profession. Each villager will have these blocks near their workstation.

Place these blocks near the task station, close to any villager. The villagers will see the block and, if they wish, choose the corresponding occupation.

ProfessionJob site block
ArmorerBlast Furnace
CartographerCartography Table
ClericBrewing Stand
FletcherFletching Table
Stone Mason‌[Bedrock] / Mason‌[Java]Stonecutter
ToolsmithSmithing Table
Villagers’ profession according to the job site blocks.

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