Brewing Stand Minecraft : How to make it and how to use it ?

minecraft Brewing stand
Brewing stand with potions

A Brewing stand is a block used to prepare potions with appropriate flasks and ingredients. It is also used as a building block for priests.

How to make a Brewing stand ?

The crafting recipe to make a Brewing stand in Minecraft requires a Blaze stick and 3 blocks of stones (cobblestone, or Deep Dark rock or Deep Dark stones) :

recipe Brewing stand minecraft
Craft Brewing stand Minecraft : 1 stick of Blaze + 3 stones

Where to find a Brewing stand ?

You can find Brewing stands naturally in 3 places in Minecraft :

  • End ships (so in End cities). They contain two potions of health care II.
  • The basement of igloos with a disposable potion of weakness.
  • The churches of the villages.

How to use a Brewing stand ?

The main purpose of brewing stands is to make potions. To use a brewing stand, right-click on it and place the necessary ingredients inside :

  • On the left the fuel, the blaze powder
  • On top the element that will be distilled
  • Below the flasks

Brewing stands need blaze powder as fuel. Each room can brew 20 batches of potions, each step of the brewing process counting separately. Unlike the ovens, there is no time limit; the fuel is only consumed when there are vials and an ingredient to brew.

Minecraft Brewing stand interface
Brewing stand interface in Minecraft

Things to know about the Brewing stand

  • Even when the brewing stand is not in use, there is always smoke coming out of the top of it.
  • In Java Edition, when a Brewing stand is broken, particles from a vial appear, even if there is no vial in the stand.
  • Whatever potion (including vials of water) is in the stand, it always looks like a full red vial.
  • The brewing stands always face east, no matter which direction they are placed.
  • According to Searge, for thematic reasons, a brewing stand was added to the basement of the igloo. As a result, the blaze powder was needed as fuel to preserve the game’s progression. Thus, the player is prevented from using it before going to the Nether.
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