Minecraft Cauldron : How to make it and use it ?

minecraft cauldron
The cauldron

A cauldron in Minecraft is a block that can hold water, lava or powdered snow and, in some situations, retrieve them from the environment. In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, the cauldron can also hold potions or dyed water. Note that it serves as a task block for the tanner.

How to get a cauldron ?

The cauldron can be obtained in two ways in Minecraft : by finding it in nature or by creating one.

Natural generation

  • An empty cauldron is generated in every witch hut in the swamps. In the Bedrock edition, cauldrons generated there are 1⁄3 to 2⁄3 full of a random potion.
  • A 2⁄3 cauldron full of water is generated in each igloo basement.
  • Cauldrons can be found in certain rooms inside the mansions.
  • Two full cauldrons can be found in the tanneries of the Savannah, Taiga, Snowy Taiga, and Snowy Tundra villages. A filled cauldron can be found in the tanneries of the plains and desert villages.
  • In the Java edition only, three filled cauldrons can be found in the tanneries of the plains villages.

Cauldron Crafting

To make a cauldron in Minecraft, you only need 7 iron ingots :

craft cauldron minecraft
Minecraft cauldron : 7 iron ingots positioned in a U shape

How to use the cauldron ?

Cauldrons can hold a variety of substances. The liquids they cannot hold are milk, honey and all the food items that exist in bowls, namely mushroom soup, beet soup, rabbit stew and suspect stew.


A cauldron can be filled with water by using a bucket of water on the cauldron. Once filled, a cauldron can be used to fill a bucket of water by using an empty bucket on the cauldron, which empties it. Using a fish bucket on a cauldron is unnecessary.

A cauldron can also be filled by throwing a water bucket on the block above the cauldron. Once the water block is removed, the cauldron is filled with water to the maximum level (Bedrock Edition only).

It can hold three levels of water. A level of water can be added to a cauldron by using a water flask on it. A level of water can be removed from a cauldron, by filling a vial with water, using a glass vial on it.

A cauldron will slowly fill with water when it rains on it, if it is empty to begin with or if it contains water. This happens randomly, at 5% of the rate at which snow accumulates on the ground during a snowfall.

Water can be stored in a cauldron even in the Nether. Water in a cauldron does not freeze in cold biomes.

A cauldron placed under a pointed dripstone facing downwards and on which water has been placed a block above will slowly fill with water.


In the Bedrock edition only, leather armor is dyed via a cauldron, so a cauldron can hold colored water. Using a dye on a cauldron filled with colored water will consume the dye. Different dyes can be added to produce mixed colors. Using leather armor or leather horse armor on the cauldron colors that item the color of the water, reducing the water in the cauldron by one level for each colored item.

Attempting to add water, lava or a potion to the colored water empties the cauldron.

water tinted minecraft cauldron
All water tints for cauldrons


In the Bedrock edition only, a cauldron can hold normal potions, disposable potions and persistent potions. Using a potion on a cauldron empties the potion and increases the level of the potion in the cauldron by one level. A glass vial can then be used on a cauldron containing a potion, filling the vial with that potion. The potion in the cauldron is then reduced by one level.

Using an arrow on a cauldron containing a potion turns the arrow into a spiked arrow with the effect of that potion, and reduces the potion in the cauldron by one level. Using multiple arrows at once can be more effective, and can use more than one level at a time. One level of potion can tip up to 16 arrows, 2 levels up to 32, and a full cauldron can tip a full stack of arrows, resulting in 21.33 arrows tipped per potion.

Attempting to put water, lava, or a different potion into a cauldron containing a potion causes an explosion sound, and the cauldron is emptied.

An entity standing in a cauldron filled to any level with a potion does not receive the potion’s effect.

Using an empty bucket on a cauldron filled with any potion does nothing, as the bucket remains empty and the potion in the cauldron does not empty.

Change of profession

If a village has a cauldron that has not been claimed by a Minecraft villager, any villager who does not yet have a profession block or task block can change their profession to tanner.

Putting out a fire

A cauldron filled with water or powdered snow extinguishes burning entities that fall into it and the entity emits black particles. This includes creatures, players, objects (if they land in the cauldron before burning up), and flaming arrows.

Redstone Component

A cauldron can serve as a source of redstone energy for a redstone comparator. With a cauldron behind it (either directly or separated by an unpowered solid block), a comparator emits a signal proportional to the degree to which the cauldron is full: 0 for empty, 1 for one-third full, 2 for two-thirds full, and 3 for completely full or filled with lava. However, if there is a block between the cauldron and the comparator, the latter is not immediately updated.

An example of a cauldron used in a redstone circuit.
An example of a cauldron used in a redstone circuit.
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