Minecraft Fletching Table : How to make and use it ?

A Fletching Table is a workstation for Fletchers that can be generated naturally in villages. The Fletching Table is used to turn an unemployed villager into an Arrowman.

minecraft Fletching Table
A Fletching Table

How do you make a Fletching Table in Minecraft ?

Making a Fletching Table doesn’t require any complex components, and you’ll easily be able to make one. All you need are 4 planks of wood (any type) and 2 flints.

make minecraft Fletching Table
Crafting the Fletching Table in Minecraft

How to use the Fletching Table in Minecraft ?

The Fletching Table currently has no functionality, however, if you right-click in spectator mode, the table’s user interface is displayed for a fraction of a second. This feature is likely to be added in future updates.

Changing professions

If a village has a Fletching Table that has not been claimed by a villager, any villager who has not already chosen a task block has a chance to change profession to Fletcher.

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