Minecraft Barrel : what’s it for and how to make it ?

A Barrel in Minecraft is a solid block used to store objects. Unlike a chest, it can’t be linked to other barrels, and blocks placed above it don’t prevent it from opening. It also serves as a working block for fishermen.

minecraft Barrel
A Barrel

How do you make a Barrel in Minecraft ?

Making a Barrel is fairly straightforward, and doesn’t require any difficult-to-obtain objects or blocks. The recipe differs according to your version of Minecraft.

On Minecraft Java you’ll need 6 planks (of any type) and 2 slabs (of any type) :

minecraft java barrel crafting
Barrel crafting in Minecraft Java

In Minecraft Bedrock you’ll need 6 sticks and 2 slabs (regardless of type) :

minecraft bedrock barrel crafting
Barrel crafting in Minecraft Bedrock

Natural Barrel generation

Barrels can be generated naturally in any fisherman’s house, although you’ll need to find a village first.

minecraft open Barrel
An open Barrel

How do you use a Barrel in Minecraft ?

Barrels can be moved by pistons (Bedrock Edition only). Water and lava will flow around them without affecting them. Lava can create fire in the air blocks next to the Barrels as if the Barrel were flammable, but the Barrel won’t actually catch fire and can’t be burned.

Barrel with minecraft poission
A Barrel with poission (texture not used).


Barrels have an inventory of 27 slots, which corresponds to a single chest. Unlike chests, Barrels can be placed under a solid block and still be opened. They can be filled by droppers and filled and emptied by funnels. When broken, Barrels drop the contents of the container and the object itself.

minecraft Barrel interface
The Barrel interface in Minecraft

Changing professions

If a village has a Barrel and no fisherman, any villager who hasn’t already chosen a task block has a chance to change profession to fisherman.

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