Lectern in Minecraft : how to make and use it ?

A Lectern in Minecraft is a block used to hold written books that several players can read at the same time. It also serves as a workstation for village librarians.

minecraft Lectern
A Lectern.

How do I build a Lectern in Minecraft ?

Building a Lectern isn’t that simple, since you’ll need blocks that aren’t easy to find at the start of the game. You’ll need : a bookcase and 4 wooden slabs (of any type).

minecraft lectern crafting
Lectern crafting in Minecraft.

Find a Lectern

You can find Lecterns by searching for a village and then visiting one of its libraries.

How do I use a Lectern in Minecraft ?

Lecterns are the workstations of village librarians.

Librarians don’t use Lecterns, for example, by placing books on them. They simply stare at the Lectern from less than a block away to “work”.

Holding books

Lecterns can also hold a blank or written book for other players to read at the same time. Right-click on an empty Lectern containing a blank or written book to place it. Right-clicking on a Lectern with a book already occupied opens an interface for reading the book.

The user interface when reading a book on a Lectern.
The user interface when reading a book on a Lectern.

Lecterns cannot contain enchanted or normal books. Instead, right-clicking on the Lectern with an enchanted or normal book does nothing and the book will not be placed.

Change of profession

If a village has a Lectern that hasn’t been claimed by a villager, any villager has a chance to change their profession to librarian if they haven’t already chosen a work block.

Redstone signal

Lecterns containing a book emit a full-powered Riptide pulse of one tick (0.5 ticks of redstone) when a page is turned. A redstone comparator also registers the reading of the book and sends a signal depending on which page the player is on. As the Bedrock Edition displays two pages of the book at a time, the same signal strength increments require twice the number of pages.

For the Java Edition, a book with only 1 page gives maximum signal strength, but page 1 always gives 1 signal strength, regardless of whether a book contains at least 2 pages.


Lecterns can be used as fuel in furnaces to melt 1.5 objects per block.

Music block

Lecterns can be placed under music blocks to produce a bass sound.

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