How to make a book in Minecraft ? Book recipe in Minecraft

The books are among the first Minecraft added items, they made their first appearance in July 2010 in the Alpha version. Books are very easy to make and do not require many resources, these books will be necessary to create a library, a blank book or an enchantment table. Let’s discover together how to make a book in Minecraft.

Steps to make a book in Minecraft.

  1. Start by harvesting sugar cane

    Start by harvesting sugar cane

    It always grows near the water, you can also put some aside to make a sugar cane field for later.

  2. Use a workbench to turn sugar cane into paper.

    comment faire livre minecraft papier

    Arrange 3 sugar canes in a row to obtain 3 pieces of paper.

  3. Kill a cow to obtain leather.

    comment faire livre minecraft tuer vache

    At its death a cow leaves between 0 and 2 pieces of leather. Equip yourself with a sword to kill them faster.

  4. Use leather and three pieces of paper to craft a book.

    book recipe minecraft

    You must arrange the paper around the piece of leather.

Other things to know in book creation in Minecraft

After you’ve crafted your first book, you won’t be able to stop! Especially since these are essential for creating other items in Minecraft, you’ll be able to :

  • Make a library, a written book or an enchantment table
  • Make an enchanted book by placing a book in an enchantment table and enchanting it
  • You will find books to buy from the village bookseller or by breaking libraries in the villages.

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