How to make a compass in Minecraft ?

The compass is a useful device for moving around in Minecraft or for drawing a map so you don’t forget where certain things are in your world! We will guide you step by step through this tutorial on how to create a compass in Minecraft.

Make a compass in Minecraft

To make a compass in Minecraft, you will need four iron bars and a redstone dust! These supplies should not be too hard to find, so we will give you the exact details in our guide below.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Obtaining iron ore

    Obtaining iron ore

    Now we’re going to need iron ore, which is found just about everywhere there’s stone to be extracted. Caves and ravines are excellent places to find the ore. Any open space that gives you a lot of surface area makes it easier to find specific ore. You could also see it on the side of a mountain. If you can’t find it this way, mine your way down, and you should eventually find it. This is one of the most common minerals you will encounter in the game.

  2. Make an iron ingot

    Make an iron ingot

    Now that we have our iron ore, we will have to turn it into iron ingot. This requires the use of a furnace! So make sure you have one and a fuel of your choice. Place your iron ore at the top and your fuel at the bottom of the furnace. You will need four to make the compass!

  3. Getting Ore from Redstone

    Getting Ore from Redstone

    This will be the most difficult part of creating a compass. Redstone ore can usually only be found in the underground depths in layers 15 – 0. You can check the number of your layer by activating the coordinates on your set and looking at the Y-coordinate. You can only extract redstone ore with an iron pick or better, so make sure you take one with you!

  4. Melt Redstone ore in Redstone dust

    Melt Redstone ore in Redstone dust

    Now that you have your redstone ore, we have to turn it into redstone dust. We only need one, so create or go to your furnace and throw the ore with fuel to create the dust!

  5. Creating the compass

    compass minecraft

    We have all the ingredients, we just have to assemble them to make a compass! Place an iron bar at the top, left, right and middle at the bottom of the 3×3 grid. Now just add the redstone dust in the middle and we have a compass!

What does a compass do in Minecraft ?

The compass can be used to find your way, or you can use it to create a void or a map with a marker ! These are very useful to get an idea of the terrain near or around your base !

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