Recovery compass Minecraft: how to make it? What is it for?

The recovery compass is a Minecraft object that points to the location of the player’s last death. It works in much the same way as the compass.

Added in the Minecraft 1.19 update, the recovery compass can be used after reappearing in the game. It always points to the location of your last death, so you can use it to find the place where you were just before you died in Minecraft. If you’re not dead yet or if you’re in another dimension, the compass will point in random directions.

Minecraft Recovery Compass
Minecraft Recovery Compass

How to make a recovery compass?

To make a recovery compass you need the following items:

You can easily make a normal compass by combining 4 iron ingots with redstone dust. As this is a 9-cell craft, you need a crafting table to make it:

craft recovery compass
The crafting of the recovery compass

Echo Shards are items that appear exclusively in the chests of Ancient City Deep Dark. So, you must first visit the Ancient City in the Deep Dark biome. Then you have to check all the chests until you get 8 echo shards.

How to use a recovery compass

In terms of functionality, the recovery compass works in the same way as the normal compass. After reappearing, you must equip it and follow the direction of its arrow to reach the place of your death. If you died in another dimension, you must go there to find the place where you died.

How the Recovery Compass Works
How the Recovery Compass Works

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when using a recovery compass in Minecraft:

  • Unlike an ordinary compass, the recovery compass works in all dimensions
  • Like other items, it falls out of the inventory if the player dies
  • You don’t need to make it before you die for it to work
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