Deep Dark biome Minecraft : How to go there ? What is it ?

The Deep Dark is a biome that was added in the 1.19 update of Minecraft “Wild Update”. Originally planned for the 1.18 update, the Deep Dark biome is specifically located under the y=0 level. It houses all the sculk blocks as well as the Warden.

Features of the Deep Dark biome

  • New biome in the “deepest depths of the world”
  • Tends to be generated under continental/mountainous areas
  • Generates exclusively in the Deep Dark slate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64
  • Contains Ancient Cities, which themselves have chests with disk fragments
  • The floor is covered with Sculk
  • Here you can get the Swift Sneak enchantment
  • The Wardens can appear there via the activation of the Sculk Shriekers
  • Contains all the blocks related to Sculk, such as the scuk sensor, the sculk shrieker and the sculk catalyst
  • With the exception of spawners, no creatures other than Wardens can appear here, as in the mushroom fields
A warden in the deep dark

A warden in the deep dark

How to go to the Deep Dark biome ?

You can find a Deep Dark biome by exploring caves. You will need to locate the caves that extend below level Y=0. This will give you a better chance of locating the Deep Dark biome.

If you don’t want to find the Deep Dark biome by searching naturally, you can use the /locate command:

/locatebiome minecraft:deep_dark

Once you use this command, you will see the closest location to the Deep Dark biome. You can get there by walking or teleporting.

Seeds for the Deep Dark

Here are some seeds for Minecraft 1.19 that will allow you to quickly find the deep dark:

  • -6508583362350818497
    • Coordinates of the deep dark: 129, -34, -353
  • -6918689756545845259
    • Coordinates of the Deep Dark: 200, -40, 168
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