How to attract villagers in Minecraft ?

Bringing villagers to a village will allow you to have more of them, find out the two methods to attract villagers in Minecraft.

There are two ways to attract villagers in Minecraft from their place of appearance in a village :

  • Kidnap a villager in a village
  • Turn a zombie villager into a villager by healing it

Kidnap a villager in a village

An easy way to get villagers is to use a boat to move them from the nearest village to a more convenient location. Boats can be moved on flat ground (without water). You can get a villager into the boat by pushing it via transport (or by putting it under the villager), and the villager does not leave until the boat is broken.

Healing a Zombie Villager

Catching and healing a zombie villager is another way to get a villager. Zombie NPCs can be generated by zombie spawners but also by other types of zombies, which can be found in the basements of igloos or in a zombie village. It is recommended to build traps (like large holes 2 or 3 blocks deep) to hunt them.

When you have found them, the zombie villagers should be held and covered with a roof (or in water) to prevent them from burning in the sun. They can be cured with a weakness potion and a golden apple. At this point, they can be transported to their village with wagons (but it is recommended to set up their village nearby after getting them).

Also, if you are in a snowy biome and you haven’t found a village, you can create one yourself by finding an igloo with a basement. This is a reliable method of creating your own village in a snowy biome. In the basement of the igloo, there is a zombie villager and a priest. By healing the zombie villager, you will have two villagers (one of them turns into a leatherworker, as the cauldron is their work block), which you can transport to the top of the igloo via waggons or an ascending bubble column.

Next, place at least 6 valid beds around the two villagers, and give them food (3 pieces of bread each) so that they are “ready” to breed. Once the two villagers have reproduced and created a baby villager, you can create a single infinite breeding villager in Minecraft. Note that villagers cannot reproduce infinitely without stopping, as they also need to rest at home, sleep, chat and work (or walk around if they are idiots). In addition, they need food to be willing.

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