Bed Wars Minecraft : what is it, how to play it ?

The Bed Wars game mode for Minecraft is a type of strategic PVP game where you have to protect your bed while trying to eliminate your opponents on islands in the sky. You can keep reappearing as long as your bed is safe. If your bed is destroyed, you only have one life left! Use your island store to get better items and win.

Gameplay of Bedwars

In Bed Wars, players appear in teams of up to four players, with eight or four different teams on separate islands depending on the mode. These islands have a bed at the front and a resource generator at the back. This resource generator spawns iron and gold, or emeralds with the Emerald Forge upgrade, and these resources can be used in the item store to purchase items of several categories.

Players appear with a wooden sword and a compass in their inventory. The wooden sword will always be in a player’s inventory unless another sword is acquired, and will appear if the other sword is removed from the player’s inventory. The compass opens a menu for team communications or player tracking. Team communications brings up a selection of predefined messages that can be selected to broadcast the message to other team members, while player tracking tracks the players on a selected team if all opposing beds are destroyed.

bedwars minigame
Bedwars on the Hypixel server

Players can travel to other team islands and break their beds to eliminate the team’s breeding method. Teams can defend the bed by placing blocks on top of it, with a selection of blocks available in the store. If the team’s bed is broken by a player from another team, it will no longer reproduce and will be eliminated from the game when it dies.

Players can visit different islands around the map, which contain unique generators of a single resource. A Diamond Island is located between two islands of a team and spawns diamonds that can be used to purchase team perks at the upgrade store. Further away from the Diamond Island is the Middle Island, with Emerald Generators that spawn Emeralds. These Emeralds can be used in the Item Shop to purchase stronger and unique items.

Various events will take place over time, including the upgrading of the diamond and emerald generators, the destruction of the beds, the appearance of the dragon and the game ending with an appearance point. When all beds and opposing players are eliminated, the last team standing will win the game.

Bedwars Game Modes

There are four basic modes, namely Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3 and 4v4v4. These modes follow the standard Bed Wars gameplay and have almost identical gameplay aspects. In addition, there is a 4v4 mode, which is a duel between two four-player teams and has 3v3v3v3/4v4v4 aspects to the generators and prizes, and a rotating Dreams mode that alternates between several different modes that modify different aspects of the Bed Wars formula.


Solo and Doubles share the same maps and gameplay. In both modes, there are eight teams, each with their own island and close to both a diamond generator and another team’s island. Upgrades are generally cheaper in this mode, although the generation of island resources is slower than in the other modes. The maps have four emerald generators, unlike the other modes, where there are fewer generators. Diamond generators can hold up to four diamonds and emerald generators up to two emeralds.


3v3v3 and 4v4v4 share the same maps and gameplay. In both modes, there are four teams, each with their own islands and facing two diagonal Diamond Generators and the middle island with Emerald Generators. Some items have varying prices, although permanent upgrades cost more than their Solo/Double price. Resource generation in Team Islands is faster than in Solo/Doubles, and special generators hold more maximum resources. Diamond generators can hold up to eight diamonds and emerald generators up to five emeralds.


4v4 is a special mode that uses unique maps, but shares the item prices/upgrades and resource generation of 3v3v3 and 4v4v4. This mode has two teams, Red and Blue, and has them facing a central island that contains Emerald Generators, with Diamond Generators generally separated to the left and right of the central island. This mode currently counts towards a player’s overall stats.

How to make a Bedwars ?

There are different ways to play the Bedwars game mode on Minecraft:

  • If you are playing on Minecraft Bedrock, download the Original Bed in Minecraft map from the marketplace and then connect with your friends to play in multiplayer.
  • On Minecraft Java, you can join a hosted server offering Bed Wars
  • Otherwise, you can create your own Minecraft Bedwars server
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