Minecraft mob vote 2022: discover the rascal !

Will rascals be the next monsters to join Minecraft? Only the players’ votes can decide…

One of Minecraft’s most exciting annual events is the Mob Vote, where players have the opportunity to vote for one of three potential new mobs before Minecraft Live. Creatures that win votes are then added to the game by the developers, allowing players to interact with new types of monsters. Mob Vote 2021 ended with a win for the lovable and helpful Allay, and since then many players have teamed up with the creature in adventures.

Minecraft Live’s Mob Vote 2022 is coming up, and voting will take place on October 14. One of the monsters available to loot is the sniffer, an ancient monster capable of digging up the seeds of exotic plants, and players can populate the world by hatching sniffer eggs they find. Today, Mojang also officially unveiled the second monster on the run : the rascal.

Rascals are mischievous underground creatures that like to play hide-and-seek with unsuspecting miners, often taunting them by leaving clues as to where to find it. If the player finds a rascal 3 times, it will give them useful equipment like an enchanted pickaxe. Mojang points out that to find a rascal, you have to dig deep underground, in the rarest ores layers below Y = 0.

Overall, rascals seem to be an interesting and enjoyable addition to Minecraft, despite the fierce competition provided by sniffers. We don’t yet know what the third Mob Vote creature will be, but we suspect Mojang will reveal it soon. If you’d like to vote for the rogue, you can do so on October 14 at 12pm, exactly 24 hours before the Minecraft Live conference starts on October 15. The winner of the vote will be announced at the event.

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