Minecraft Legends: check out some of the new mobs you’ll be fighting

Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game developed by Blackbird Interactive, known for games like Hardspace Shipbreaker and Homeworld 3.

Minecraft Legends breaks with some of the traditional limitations known to strategy games, placing players in a fully open, procedurally generated Minecraft world filled with invading piglins. With up to three friends, you’ll need to build bases, research new structures, and generate armies to save the land and ultimately win. Minecraft Legends features competitive multiplayer content and original gameplay.

Today, Mojang and Blackbird Interactive released a new development notebook with additional information about some of the game’s new creatures:

Minecraft Legends: creatures and new friends

Minecraft Legends is, as the title suggests, a saga that may be slightly different from Minecraft’s story and enemy archetypes. There will be familiar mobs like exploding vines and angry skeletons, but some traditional mobs have new traits. For example, zombie villagers will now wear hats to protect themselves from the sun and retain some intelligence to give players quests.

The video details a number of other new monsters, including healing moss golems, plank golems, and grinding golems, many of which will make up the bulk of your army. Each unit will have different skills and abilities, ensuring you have a diverse army to meet any challenge will be key to success in this dangerous world. On the other hand, there is a new range of enemy pigs, from small cannon fodder units to large beasts that act as bosses.

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