How big is a Minecraft world ?

Anyone who has played Minecraft knows that the randomly generated worlds in the game are large. But how big is the actual world in Minecraft ?

The world of Minecraft is composed of 256 blocks from the sky to the ground. While, horizontally, the world is 60,000 kilometers by 60,000 kilometers. So it is bigger than Neptune. If you go to the end of the world in Minecraft you arrive on the Far Lands.

How big is a Minecraft world ?
The size of a Minecraft world in the universe.

This amazing interactive project by Cary and Michael Huang puts a Minecraft world, and a lot of other things, into perspective. Simply titled The Scale of the Universe 2, this interactive flash project lets you zoom in and out to compare the relative size of objects in the universe. Zoom out just past the Earth and you’ll find a Minecraft world, which is 60,000 kilometers, well beyond the 12,700 kilometers of the Earth.

The scale, which starts with the size of an average human (1.7 meters), also decreases, down to the size of Quantum Foam, which is 0.00000000001 yoctometers. Poor Quantum Foam is never respected !

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