How to make and use the spyglass in Minecraft ?

minecraft spyglass

The spyglass in Minecraft is an object that can be used to zoom in on specific locations. It was added in Minecraft update 1.17.

Making a spyglass

Steps to making a spyglass in Minecraft.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Make copper ingots.

minecraft copper ingot craft

You can make them by baking copper ore.

Find amethyst flakes.

minecraft amethyst crystal

You can get them by mining amethyst crystals.

Go to a crafting table and arrange the items you’ve obtained as follows : 1 amethyst shard on top, 2 copper ingots underneath.

craft scope minecraft 1

This will give you your spyglass.

Using the spyglass

The spyglass is used to zoom in on a specific location in the player’s field of view (FOV). The spyglass changes the FOV to 1⁄10 of the FOV set in the options. By default, the FOV is set to 70, giving a field of view of 7 through the spyglass.

The FOV can be set from 30 to 110, giving a FOV of 3 to 11 through the spyglass. A circular vignette is applied during use, similar to the effect produced by wearing a carved pumpkin. Pressing F1 removes the vignette, similar to a carved pumpkin. The player is slowed down as he looks through the spyglass.

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