How do I disenchant an object / remove an enchantment in Minecraft ?

Find out how to disenchant and remove an enchantment from enchanted objects in Minecraft in with our guide.

Enchantments are important in Minecraft for building better, stronger tools, armor and other objects. But sometimes you’ll want to remove those enchantments from Minecraft. There are several ways to do this, but you’ll need some materials first.

disenchant minecraft
Our guide to disenchanting an object in Minecraft or removing an enchantment.

Using a Grindstone to disenchant

Grindstones in Minecraft can be used to remove all non-cursed enchantments currently on an object. Players can build one themselves, out of stone and wood, or they can steal one from a villager with a blacksmith’s trade.

Grindstone recipe
Grindstone crafting.

By interacting with the Grindstone menu, the game will ask players whether they wish to repair or disenchant the item. Place the enchanted item in the top slot, and the Grindstone will remove the enchantment from it, giving you experience according to the level of the enchantment(s) and their value. This does not work on curses.

interface disenchant minecraft Grindstone item
Grindstone interface for removing an enchantment from an object in Minecraft.

Using an anvil to remove an enchantment

Anvils are fairly simple to make; players just need four iron ingots and three iron blocks, just like the iron blocks players need to build an iron golem.

The Anvil works by combining the enchantments of two different items. This means that if you have two copies of the same item, you can combine them. This will destroy the objects and reform them into a new one that possesses both enchantments of the previous objects. This is the most effective method if you want to keep the item but the enchantments are a little weak.

There are limits to the number of enchantments that can be found on a single item, but players can continue to combine items with the anvil to obtain increasingly powerful items.

Using a crafting table to remove a curse

If you want to remove a curse (Curse of Vanishing or Curse of Binding), simply return to a basic crafting table. Place two identical items that are both cursed, or a cursed item and a non-cursed item of the same type. This will combine the two, removing the curse from one and giving you a new one.

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