Curse Of Binding – Minecraft Enchantment

Curse of Binding is an enchantment in Minecraft that ensures that once an item with this curse is worn by a player in Survival Mode, it cannot be removed until the item breaks or the player dies.

Curse Of Binding Minecraft enchantment
Curse Of Binding Minecraft

How to get the Curse of Binding enchantment

Curse of Binding is a treasure enchantment. It can only be obtained by looting chests or, rarely, by fishing. In the Java edition, it is also available by trading with villagers or from enchanted books.

Using the Curse of Binding enchantment

You can add the Curse of Binding enchantment to any piece of armor such as helmets, breastplates, leggings, boots or elytra using an enchantment table, anvil or game command. Once the cursed item is worn by a player, the curse takes effect and the player cannot remove the item.

For items without durability, the player must die to remove the item, making removal in Hardcore mode impossible.

All creatures also follow the Curse of Binding curse; for example, if the player is wearing a leather helmet enchanted with Curse of Binding, he or she cannot remove it to equip his or her favorite netherite helmet if one is found. A player cannot remove the enchantment with a grinding wheel or crafting table; instead, the item reverts to the still-cursed player. However, if the cursed object is a pumpkin or creature, placing and breaking the head lifts the curse.

If the keepInventory gamerule is set to true, the player keeps the cursed object even after death. Only breaking the object, if possible, removes it.

If a player applies the enchantment to a carved pumpkin and wears it, the player becomes unable to remove the carved pumpkin. If the keepInventory gamerule is set to true or if the player is in Hardcore mode, it becomes impossible for the player to remove the carved pumpkin without cheating in the game or dying in Hardcore mode. This can be used to troll other players, as the overlay of the pumpkin on the screen makes the game difficult to play. Since pumpkins have no durability, they are the most effective item to use this curse on. However, most players will not deliberately equip a cursed pumpkin, although a dispenser can be used to forcefully equip it on a player.

This enchantment does not affect unarmed items, and it does not prevent items from being removed from inventory until it is equipped.

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