Curse of Vanishing – Minecraft Enchantment

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment allows you to curse an item via an enchantment in Minecraft. When an item is cursed with this enchantment, it disappears when a player dies in the game (instead of being abandoned after the player dies).

Curse of Vanishing Minecraft enchantment
Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

Is it possible to remove Curse of Vanishing ?

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment cannot be removed by a grindstone or a crafting table. The only way to get around the curse is to find a similar item without it being cursed.

More information on the Curse of Vanishing enchantment

When the player dies while a cursed item is in their inventory, it does not fall to the ground, but is removed from the world entirely. The item does not disappear if it is manually dropped, or if it is placed in a chest before death.

The effect can be mitigated by storing the affected items in a shulker box, or by setting the keepInventory gamerule to true. If an item abandoned by a creature (such as a zombie or skeleton wearing armor) has Curse of Vanishing, the effect of the enchantment works normally.

Of all the enchantments in the game, Curse of Vanishing is compatible with the largest number of different item types. It can be added to any type of item that can be enchanted, including the compass, carved pumpkin and Jack o’Lantern.

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