Trial Chamber Minecraft – Everything you need to know about this structure

A Trial Chamber is an underground-generating structure revealed at Minecraft Live 2023, and due to arrive in Minecraft 1.21.

trial chamber chambre d'épreuve minecraft
A corridor in the Trial Chamber.


Trial Chambers can be created underground in the normal world. They are procedurally generated structures, composed mainly of new tuff and copper blocks.


The Trial Chamber is made up of several different procedurally-generated rooms, some of which contain Trial Spawners. It features a variety of new blocks, including tuff bricks and copper ampoules. Some trial generators can also house the Breeze, a hostile creature that uses the wind.

Trial Chamber road

The entrance to the Trial Chamber is called The Corridor, which contains traps and escape routes. The corridor is located in the center of the structure. Passages connect the various rooms, dimly lit by aged copper bulbs.

There are two well-known chamber rooms : the Trial Chamber and the Trial Chamber of the Breeze, as well as small looting areas along the corridors.

The Proof Room contains copper ampoules and a standard proof generator, while the Breeze Proof Room is larger and contains copper hatches and copper ampoules.

Proof room with the minecraft Breeze
Proof room with the Breeze.


Supply chests” are present in the chamber, and players who defeat a Trial Chamber generator will each receive Looting. The Breeze also appears in the Trial Chamber, but it’s not yet confirmed whether it drops loot or not.

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