Breeze Minecraft – All about this mob

The Breeze is a hostile creature found in challenge rooms. It was announced at Minecraft Live 2023.

minecraft breeze


The Breeze appears in trials spawner, in Trial Chambers.

breeze mob minecraft


The Breeze twirls around the room, attacking players with assaults such as wind charge and wind gust. When a wind charge hits an entity directly, it suffers damage and a wind explosion appears. If the wind charge hits a block, only the wind explosion is generated.

Although this gust of wind causes no damage, it pushes entities away from it. In addition, the wind gust can interact with buttons, levers and hatches, altering their state, and can also interact with other redstone components. This allows the Breeze to transform the area around the chamber where it appears, increasing the level of danger in the room.

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