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A Crafter is a redstone-powered utility block that enables automatic fabrication using a predefined player-generated crafting recipe that will be integrated into Minecraft Update 1.21.

crafter minecraft
An activated Crafter

How to Crafter

To make the Crafter you’ll need 5 iron ingots, a crafting table, 2 redstone powders and 1 dropper :

craft crafter minecraft
Crafter crafting in Minecraft

Using the Crafter


Crafters have nine inventory slots. Their graphical interface can be accessed via the item’s use command. A slot can be activated or deactivated by clicking on it when empty. Objects cannot be placed in deactivated slots.

Funnels and droppers interact with Crafters by inserting items into their inventories; funnels can also remove items. Added items are distributed from the top left to the bottom right of activated slots, as with all other containers. However, funnels and droppers only seem to be able to insert items into slots that are both empty and not deactivated.

crafter minecraft inactive
Crafter deactivated

Redstone component

When a Crafter receives a redstone signal, an item is crafted using ingredients from the nine inventory slots. Crafted items are then spat out of the Crafter’s front or placed in an inventory slot, unless they are funneled out.

For shaped recipes, the position of items in the inventory is important. As disabled slots prevent items from entering the slot, Crafters can be used to automatically craft any item in the game without any player intervention, using a series of funnels and/or droppers and correctly configuring the disabled slots for the recipe.

When connected to a comparator, the latter emits a redstone signal whose intensity is linked to both the quantity of objects and the number of deactivated slots. The exact rules for determining the strength of the signal emitted by the comparator are unknown.

a crafter in minecraft
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