Lush caves : How to find them ? What do they contain ?

A lush cave in Minecraft is a temperate cave biome that has unique flora and fauna and is located underground under azaleas.

Lush caves are generated underground at any height, usually in forested biome areas. Azaleas grow on any empty space above a lush cave, with roots consisting of root soil and hanging roots that grow downward until they reach the lush cave.

Underground, moss and minerals cover the floors and ceilings. On the ceiling, vines with glowing berries grow downward and illuminate the caves, and Spore Blossom grow from the ceiling and drip particles of water. A lush cave contains springs and shallow lakes with clay where Dripleaf grow.

Bats, glow octopuses, tropical fish and axolotls are the only passive creatures that appear, the latter being exclusive to the biome.

Questions and Answers about Lush Caves

How do you find a lush cave in Minecraft ?

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The key to finding lush caves in Minecraft is to find azalea trees. Although they look like oak trees, Azalea trees have slightly lighter leaves dotted with small purple flowers. Once you spot an azalea tree, simply dig underneath it, following its roots that eventually lead to a lush cave.

What seed to find a lush cave in Minecraft ?

Here are five good seeds to find lush caves in Minecraft : 9057080843297917327 (coordinates : 456 84 -625), 74518331 (dig directly under the spawn), 745794237 (go to the mushroom island in the middle of the ocean and then dig underneath your feet), -199663942 (coordinates: 531, -4, 459), 1005446775136262802 (coordinates : -556 81 -51).

Are lush caves rare ?

Lush caves are not very rare but can be located by finding an azalea tree above the ground.

You will find the name of the biome misspelled on some sites that simply translate via automatic translators : lush cave, lush cave etc… The official name is lush cave.

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