How do I use the /xp and /experience commands in Minecraft ?

The /experience or /xp command in Minecraft lets you add, delete or view a player’s experience. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to manipulate a player’s experience points or levels, and this Minecraft command is available in different versions of Minecraft, including Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

/experience command syntax

The syntax of the /experience command varies depending on whether you want to add, set or query a player’s experience. Here are the main forms of the command:

  • To add experience : /experience add <targets> <amount> [levels|points]
  • To set experience : /experience set <targets> <amount> [levels|points]
  • To query the experience : /experience query <targets> (levels|points)

How to enter the /experience command

  1. Open the chat window : The key to open the chat window depends on the version of Minecraft you’re using (for example, the T key for Java Edition).
  2. Type command : Enter the appropriate command depending on what you want to do (add, set or query experience).
  3. Press Enter : Press Enter to execute the command.

Examples of use

  • To give 20 levels of experience to the player called keither : /xp add keither 20 levels
  • To remove 3 experience points from all players : /xp add @a -3 points
  • To set a random player’s experience levels to 50 : /xp set @r 50 levels

Explanations on arguments

  • <targets> : Command target, can be a player name, a target selector or a UUID.
  • <amount> : Amount of experience points or levels to give, set or query. Negative values remove experience.
  • [levels|points] : Specifies whether the quantity is in levels or experience points.

Differences between /xp and /experience

The /xp and /experience commands are used to manipulate player experience in Minecraft, but there are a few key differences between them:

  • Alias : The /xp command is an alias of the /experience command. This means that in some versions of Minecraft, you can use these commands interchangeably. For example, /xp add <player> 10 levels is identical to /experience add <player> 10 levels.
  • Syntax : Although both commands perform similar functions, the syntax may vary slightly between Minecraft versions. In some versions, the /experience command offers more options and flexibility, such as the ability to set or query a player’s experience.
  • Supported version : The /experience command is generally supported in more recent versions of Minecraft, while the /xp command can be used in older versions. However, in versions where both are supported, they work in a similar way.
  • Usage : The /xp command is often used to add experience points or experience levels to a player, while the /experience command can also be used to set or query a player’s experience.

Additional information

  • Supported versions : The command is available in various versions, including Java Edition (from 1.3.1) and Bedrock Edition.
  • Using the L attribute : The L attribute can be used with the /xp command to add experience levels to a player, filling an entire experience bar.
  • Requirements : To execute game commands in Minecraft, you need to enable cheats in your world.

The /experience command is a versatile tool that offers players and server administrators great flexibility in managing experience in Minecraft. Whether you want to reward a player with extra points or reset a player’s experience to a specific level, this command gives you the means to do so.

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