How do I use the /time command in Minecraft ?

The /time command in Minecraft is an essential tool for controlling time in the game world. Whether you want to change the time of day, query elapsed time, or increase the age of your Minecraft world, the /time command lets you do it. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to use this Minecraft command.

/time command syntax

The syntax of the /time command varies depending on what you want to do with game time. Here are the main uses :

  • To add time to the game (increasing the age of the world) : /time add <time>
  • To query time : /time query <day|daytime|gametime>
  • To set time to a specified hour : /time set <setValue>

How to enter the /time command

Here’s how to enter the /time command in Minecraft :

  1. Open the chat window : Press the T key to open the chat window (or use the appropriate command for your platform).
  2. Type the command : Enter the /time command with the appropriate parameters.
  3. Execute command : Press Enter to execute the command.

Examples of use

Here are a few examples of how to use the /time command :

  • To change time to current : /time set day
  • To change time to midnight : /time set midnight
  • To find the age of the Minecraft world : /time query gametime
  • To add a day to the Minecraft world age : /time add 24000

Explanations of arguments

  • <time> : The amount of time (in game ticks) to add to the game time for the current Minecraft world.
  • <day|daytime|gametime> : The options for querying time, including the number of days elapsed, the number of game ticks since dawn, and the age of the Minecraft world in game ticks.
  • <setValue> : The time you wish to change. It can be day, midnight, night, noon, or a specific number.

Focus on the “/time set” command

The /time set command is an essential part of the /time command in Minecraft, allowing players to set the time of day to a specific value. Here’s how it works :


The syntax of the /time set command is as follows :

/time set <setValue>

The argument <setValue> can be a specific value in game ticks, or one of the predefined keywords.

Predefined values

Here are the predefined values you can use with the /time set command :

  • day : Sets the time to 1000 ticks, corresponding to the start of the day.
  • noon : Sets the time to 6000 ticks, corresponding to the middle of the day.
  • sunset : Sets the time to 12,000 ticks, corresponding to sunset.
  • night : Sets the time to 13000 ticks, corresponding to the beginning of the night.
  • midnight : Sets the time to 18,000 ticks, corresponding to the middle of the night.

Examples of use

Here are a few examples of how you can use the /time set command :

  • To set the time at sunrise : /time set day
  • To set the time at sunset : /time set sunset
  • To set the time to a specific value (for example, 5000 ticks) : /time set 5000

Practical uses

The /time set command is particularly useful for content creators, filmmakers and gamers who want to control the mood of their Minecraft world. Whether you’re shooting a cinematic scene at sunset or creating a custom gaming experience, this command gives you total control over the time of day.

More information

  • Supported platforms : The /time command is available in various versions of Minecraft, including Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition.
  • Cheats enabled : To execute game commands in Minecraft, you need to enable cheats in your world.
  • Other time commands : There are other time-related commands, such as AlwaysDay, DayLock, and commands to stop and restart time.


The /time command is a versatile tool for controlling and manipulating time in Minecraft. Whether you want to create a specific mood, speed up the day/night cycle, or simply play with time parameters, this command gives you the flexibility to do so.

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