How do I use the /execute command in Minecraft ?

The /execute command is one of Minecraft’s most powerful and versatile commands. It allows you to execute other commands based on specific conditions, modifications and more. This Minecraft command is available in different versions of Minecraft.

/execute command syntax

The syntax of the /execute command varies according to the sub-commands used. Here are some basic examples :

  • /execute as <targets> <secondExecuteCommand>
  • /execute at <targets> <secondExecuteCommand>

How to enter the /execute command

  1. Open the chat window : Use the appropriate key for your version of Minecraft.
  2. Type the command : Enter the command in the chat window.

Examples of use

  • To give you 8 golden apples : /execute as @a run give @p golden_apple 8
  • To summon lightning on all creepers : /execute at @e[type=creeper] run summon lightning_bolt

Explanations on arguments

Arguments vary according to the sub-commands used. Here are a few examples :

  • secondExecuteCommand : A chained /execute command.
  • axes : The axes to be aligned, such as x, y, z, xz, xy, yz, xyz.
  • target or targets : The player’s name or a target selector.

Using the /execute command

The /execute command is used to execute other commands according to various conditions and modifications. It can be used to create complex, customized in-game effects.

Modify subcommands

Modify subcommands allow you to change the way the command is executed. For example :

  • /execute align <axes> aligns the current position in the block grid.
  • /execute anchored <eyes¦feet> anchors the origin of local coordinates to the entity’s eyes or feet.

Condition subcommands

Condition subcommands allow the command to be executed based on certain conditions. For example :

  • /execute if entity @s[x=229,y=70,z=92,distance=..5] executes the command if the entity is within 5 blocks of the specified coordinate.

Store subcommand

The store subcommand is used to store the result of a command in a data block, entity or score. For example :

  • /execute store result score @s test run say Hello stores the result of the say command in the player’s test score.

Run subcommand

The run subcommand is used to execute the specified command. It is often the last part of the /execute command. For example :

  • /execute as @a run tp @p 8 64 22 teleports all players to the specified coordinates.

Additional information

  • Supported versions : The /execute command is available in various versions of Minecraft.
  • Coordinates and block detection : The command allows you to execute actions based on the detection of specific blocks or the relative position of the entity.

The /execute command offers incredible flexibility in the creation of complex commands in Minecraft. With a clear understanding of its sub-commands and how it works, you can create amazing effects and enhance your gameplay experience.

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