How to make circles and rounds in Minecraft ?

In this guide illustrated with beautiful infographics, you will learn all the secrets of the greatest builders to make circle, round, angle and triangle constructions in Minecraft.

Making circles in Minecraft

To make circles or circles, the process is quite complex. But by following the step-by-step guide you should get by like a master builder know how to make a perfect circle in Minecraft !

Circle, Round and Oval Generator

Use our generator tool to build a circle by choosing the width, height and whether the circle is thick, thin or filled. You can then download the image in PNG or SVG format.

Start from this center and build each circle following the steps and pixels. (1 pixel = 1 block)

For the circles, you need to know in advance whether they have an even or odd diameter. In either case, you will have to base your construction on a center (in green in the infographic) of 1 or 4 blocks.

Making houses with angles

If you are tired of building your houses in simple squares or rectangles all the time, you will finally master the techniques to build with different angles.

For each type of angle, you will need to place a specific number of blocks:

  • 12° : 5 blocks per step
  • 15° : 4 blocks per step
  • 20° : 3 blocks per step
  • 26° : 2 blocks per step
  • 33° : 2 blocks then 1 block
  • 45° : 1 block per step
  • And so on

Note that on the picture, the angles are approximate. Adding or removing a single block can result in a rather strange rendering.

Don’t hesitate to make a sketch on paper or in creative mode to make sure that you are starting from a good base.

Making a triangle in Minecraft

Guide to building a triangle in Minecraft

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Build your first side the length you wan

    Make sure it’s 45 degrees.

  2. Start the second side by placing the number of blocks shown below

    3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 4 (and repeat if necessary). Remember to start with the green block as shown in the diagram and count it.

  3. Finish with the last side by building up to crossing the second side

    Use the same number of blocks defined in step 2.

  4. Remove all the blocks that are sticking out

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