Wolf armor Minecraft : How do I get it ?

Wolf armor is an item made from Armadillo Scute that arrived in Minecraft 1.21 and can be equipped on wolves to provide protection against damage.

minecraft wolf armor
A wolf with armor.

Making wolf armor

To make wolf armor in Minecraft you’ll simply need to collect 6 Armadillo Scute by brushing it with a paintbrush.

minecraft wolf armor craft
The wolf armor craft, made with 6 Armadillo Scute.


Only tamed adult wolves can wear armor.

wolf armor minecraft
A wolf wearing armor in Minecraft.

Protection and durability

  • Using wolf armor on a wolf that the player has tamed enables the armor to be fitted to the wolf.
  • Wolf armor offers the wolf the same protection as horse armor, with an armor value of 11 (šŸ›” Ɨ 5.5).
  • When the owner uses shears on a wolf wearing armor, the armor is de-equipped from the wolf.
  • If a wolf dies while equipped with wolf armor, the armor is dropped.
  • Unlike player armor, wolf armor has no durability. This means that wolf armor can be used indefinitely if it is not destroyed.
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