Alex’s Caves : New caves and biomes – Minecraft Mod – 1.20.1

Alex’s Caves is a mod for Minecraft that adds five new cave biomes to the normal world. These biomes are extremely rare, but offer a variety of unique blocks, objects, creatures and mechanisms. Note that the mod’s author is also behind the famous Alex’s Mobs.

Alex’s Caves mod features

  • Cave shelves and caving tables : These items are essential for getting started with the mod. Cave tablets can be found in underground huts and are necessary for research on the caving table.
  • Underground huts : These structures can appear in all Overworld biomes and are the best source of cave tablets. They also contain Looting items and a caving table.
  • Caving table research : Once you have a caving table and cave tablets, you can start translating the inscriptions on the tablets. This process can be time-consuming and requires paper.
  • Cave Codex : After completing research on a cave tablet, you will obtain a Cave Codex which can be used to create a cave biome map or to unlock entries in the Cave Compendium.
  • Cave biome map : This map guides you to the nearest cave biome based on the Cave Codex used to craft it.
crafting the alexs caves cave biome card
Cave biome map crafted using paper and a cave codex.

Mod biomes

The mod adds 5 new rare cave biomes that generate in the lower parts of the normal world :

  • Magnetic Caves : A dark biome filled with luminous neodymium crystals and galena. It is inhabited by powerful mechanical and magnetic creatures such as Teletor and Magnetron.
  • Primordial Caves : A luminous, verdant and expansive cave biome lit by ceiling-lit Ambersols. It is populated by numerous prehistoric creatures such as the dinosaurs Grottoceratops and Tremorsaurus.
  • Toxic Caves : A dark and dangerous cave biome filled with bubbling acid and radioactive uranium. Populated by apocalyptic monsters such as Brainiacs and Nucleepers.
  • Abyssal Chasm : An underwater biome found exclusively beneath the surface oceans, filled with tubeworms and strange ruins. Home to the mighty Deep Ones and Hullbreaker.
  • Forlorn Hollows : An extremely dark biome composed of Guanostone and brimming with evil forces. Dangerous Underzealots patrol the area, seeking sacrifices to create Watchers and Forsaken.

How to play Alex’s Caves

  1. First steps : Find an underground cabin and collect cave tablets and a caving table.
  2. Search : Place the caving table and start searching using the cave tablets and paper.
  3. Translation : Follow the on-screen instructions to translate the inscriptions on the tablets.
  4. Obtaining the Cave Codex : Once you’ve completed your research, you’ll receive a Cave Codex.
  5. Create cave biome map : Use the Cave Codex and eight papers to create a cave biome map.

Download Alex’s Caves

To install Alex’s Caves, you must first install Minecraft Forge or NeoForge, as this mod requires Citadel. Find out how to install a Minecraft mod.

📥 Download Alex’s Caves / Alex’s Caves on Curseforge

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